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Saturday, June 22, 2013


A CNN article provides some statistics on firefighter fatalities and acreage burned in the US over the years, along with a 2013 outlook (1). Arizona's Doce Fire is 15% contained as it nears 7,000 acres in size (2); while CBS News provides a video of helicopter operations at that blaze (3); a former wildland firefighter taking a look back at firefighting in the Coconino National Forest during the summer of 1942 (4). A list of state and national parks and forests closed by the fire danger in New Mexico is provided by the next article (5). Sixteen fires are burning in Colorado at this time (6); where firefighters formed a defensive perimeter around the town of South Fork (7); while air-tankers pounded the East Peak Fire from above (8); Colorado's governor freeing up $3 million from the state's Disaster Emergency Fund to help pay suppression costs on the blaze (9); a video segment providing some up-close images of the damage wrought by the Black Forest Fire (10); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mead Gruver, a Reporter with the Associated Press, providing an in-depth view of the troubled US Forest Service Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program and its impact on the Colorado wildfires in the next article (11); the one which follows shows the importance of wildfire preparations by homeowners (12); several compelling stories from those blazes being told by survivors and firefighters (13); in the meantime, Colorado insurers adjusted estimates upwards to over $1 billion in damage done by wildfires during the past two years (14); one insurer announcing over 200 claims from the current batch of wildfires alone (15); fire conditions prompting officials in Monument to cancel Fourth of July fireworks (16); while tragedy struck twice for one Colorado resident who lost her home in Colorado Springs after seeing her childhood home flooded by Hurricane Katrina eight years ago (17); but amid all the death and destruction, firefighters were still treated to a special concert in Canon City (18). A summary of wildfire activity in Utah is provided by the next article (19); where a 10-acre wildfire on the outskirts of Cedar Hills brought comparisons with last year's more massive Dump Fire (20). Following 5,000 lightning strikes in Alaska's interior, 37 new wildfires have been reported by the Interagency Fire Coordination Center (21). As wildfires continue to rage across the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the next article provides maps of wildfire activity across the region (22); where military aircraft helped battle the fires (23); and Indonesia's Environment Minister identified 14 companies that may be responsible for those blazes, which are flooding the region with smoke (24); Singapore's Foreign Minister indicating that they will seek to prosecute those responsible, which include companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore (25); an environmental specialist with the World Bank positing that climate change could be fueling the fires (26). And finally, French firefighters are trying out a new tool to help victims deal with trauma: hypnosis!

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