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Thursday, September 10, 2009


As the weather once again warms and dries, fire crews in the Angeles National Forest are racing to clear firebreaks before the Station Fire brews up again, our first wildfire story today; followed by an update from KNX that indicates that the backfires have been lit. A commentary on the origins and aftermath of the Station Fire in foothill communities bordering on the Angeles National Forest is up next; while an LA Times article examines Mount Wilson's plans for a viable wildfire defense in the future. Some of South Carolina's two dozen firefighters who are training to help out with federal disasters have been dispatched to California to help with the wildfires; but the raging debate over the importance of massive initial air attack of wildfires, particularly in the case of the Station Fire, is examined by an article from LA weekly, in which Wayne Coulson of Coulson Flying Tankers and Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network, impart some wisdom. Vertical Magazine provides a detailed look at the aerial assets battling the blazes in Southern California; and for firefighters who think they have problems getting funds for prevention and suppression, the next article shows they're in good company, because even Governor Schwarzenegger can't get past legislative roadblocks! A nature camp in the Angeles National Forest has apparently survived the ravages of the Station Fire; and a local Southern California company that provides beds will do so at a 25% discount for people in areas affected by the wildfires. NASA will be providing detailed maps of burn areas in Southern California that pose a danger of mudslides as winter rains arrive later this year; while San Diego State University will be working with a private satellite mapping concern to provide updated GIS maps of wildfires to firefighters. A wildfire burning in central California is expected to be contained by Friday, according to CAL FIRE; but Yosemite's fire chief is under fire himself for a runaway controlled burn which eventually cost $15 million to extinguish. A trio of lightning-sparked wildfires is under observation by US Forest Service firefighters in Colorado; and fire crews are closing the ring around another wildfire in that state. A University of Colorado professor comments on the link between Global Warming and worsening wildfires; while a small wildfire in a Utah county spreads rapidly beyond its initial 20-acre size due to dry vegetation. A trio of articles from Montana discloses the fire situation in that state, where fire officials warn residents they are not yet out of the fire season; and even lush Hawaii is having problems with recurring wildfires outside of Honolulu. With over 20,000 bushfire hotspots discerned from orbit, one wonders how much of Indonesia is left to burn? A bushfire that broke out in New Zealand not only blackened the sky, but also blackened the streets with traffic delays. A trio of power-related stories come to us from Australia: government officials would prefer that power companies behave as 'good citizens' to prevent bushfires, rather than the government having to penalize and regulate them to do so; the issue of cutting power to parts of Victoria during days of high fire danger is still being debated before the Royal Bushfire Commission; but a 1990 study indicated that it would cost $20 billion to place power lines underground in Australia in order to reduce the bushfire threat. The next article provides a look at Australia's overhauled 'code red' bushfire warning system; but a bushfire in northern Queensland has destroyed two homes and threatens others. And finally, you never know what you may find in a fire station's bathroom: firefighters in Colorado found a bear!

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