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Saturday, July 02, 2011


As temperatures rise in Southern California, an article from the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise examines the firefighter shortfall after CAL FIRE cut 720 seasonal firefighters from their ranks (1); while CAL FIRE air-tankers swung into action against a four-acre wildfire east of Arroyo Grande yesterday (2); and wildland firefighting has entered the 21st century with the unveiling of web-based wildfire surveillance and management demonstrated by FireWhat Inc. at NASA's Moffat Field facilities (3). The Keep Oregon Green Association reminded residents of that state of the extreme fire danger fireworks represent as the Fourth of July weekend gets underway (4). It's official: New Mexico's Las Conchas Fire, which reached 103,800 acres yesterday, is the largest wildfire in that state's history (5); nearly wiping out Cochiti Mesa in the process (6); while the governor indicated that $2.8 million had been spent suppressing wildfires across the state (7); but at least the emergency at the Los Alamos Nuclear Research Lab is over (8). Although temperatures are rising in Aspen, Colorado, fire officials felt that the fire danger was only moderate at this time (9); while firefighters battling two wildfires in Utah's Dixie National Forest took the opportunity to remind residents of that state about the wildfire danger (10). Fireworks were blamed for a small wildfire that burned two homes in Leflore County, Oklahoma (11); but Texas Gov. Rick Perry finally got a federal disaster declaration for 45 counties ravaged by wildfires since March (12); where Texas Forest Service has unveiled a new public service announcement on YouTube in regards to wildfires, 90% of which are caused by people in that state (13). The cause of an 1,100-acre wildfire that burned in Alabama's Gulf State Park has been determined: embers from a grill (14); but due to the wildfire danger in Southern Georgia, officials are keeping Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge closed over the holiday (15). Firefighters are keeping a close eye on a small wildfire burning near Hinesville, Georgia (16); while wildfires in eastern North Carolina are making for smoky skies, which is no help for people with breathing difficulties (17); nevertheless, fireworks sales in nearby South Carolina are brisk (18). The next article takes a look at the special bond shared by Florida Forest Service firefighters (19); the following item discussing the tactics employed by firefighters in Flagler County (20). Spain's Agency for International Development Cooperation will be working with the government of Lebanon in preparing for wildfires in that Middle Eastern country (21). As the investigation into Victoria's deadly Marysville Black Saturday bushfire begins to consider alternatives to an arsonist, an Australian power utility is the prime suspect (22); even as the judge overseeing the proceedings feels that he's been denied access to pertinent information by government lawyers (23). City officials are complaining about statements made in a FESA-commissioned inquiry citing the bushfire danger in several Western Australian communities (24). And finally, we have three animal rescue stories with which to conclude: firefighters in Michigan got a goat's head out of a PVC pipe (25); firefighters in Gorton, UK, had to get a fox pup out of a manhole (26); and firefighters in Alabama helped out an alligator with nine babies who had survived the wildfire in Gulf State Park! (27)

Wildfire NOTD will be on hiatus for the next two weeks.

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