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Friday, June 26, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, a detailed look at wildfire in the western US is provided by a study in the journal Ecological Applications. Firefighters quickly roped in a small wildfire in San Jose, California, yesterday; but despite the dangers, smokejumper positions still draw over 100 applicants, as this detailed study of that occupation from Oregon Public Broadcasting reveals. A small wildfire burned close to homes in Nevada; while Arizona firefighters honed their skills in exercises between a number of fire agencies this past week. Neighborhoods in a Colorado community are being asked to help prepare a wildfire protection plan; and a wildfire in Dixie National Forest in Utah is being managed by firefighters. Two items from Texas today: firefighters in Big Spring are thankful that the fire danger has been reduced by rains in the area; but Texas Forest Service was assisted by local firefighters, a bulldozer, and an aircraft in dealing with a wildfire near Jasper yesterday. Honoring their commitments to help fight fires in Canada, more than a score of Massachusetts firefighters have embarked for Quebec, Canada. Officials were discussing better ways to handle a fire emergency like the one that cost South Carolina $40 million in damages earlier this year. An item was sent in by Wildfire NOTD reader Kent Hanby of about the origins of the wildfire in Alabama mentioned in yesterday's issue. After the other Canadian provinces have been having wildfires, now it's Quebec's turn. Reinforced by a trio of helicopters, firefighters on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus were able to contain a pair of blazes. Lebanese firefighters are battling 185 wildfires with understrength fire brigades. As wildfires continue to rage in parts of Indonesia, firefighters are pleading with the fire ministry to procure firefighting helicopters for them. Agreeing that the policy should probably be changed in the future, a Country Fire Authority official told the Royal Bushfire Commission meeting in Melbourne, Australia, that it wasn't his job to warn the public of the danger from advancing bushfires. A report shows that many people killed in the town of Marysville in Victoria during the Black Saturday bushfires died sheltering in their bathrooms. Sony Music presented the Australian Salvation Army with a $1.6 million check from proceeds of their bushfire album; and Queensland firefighters are trying to calm residents in regards to the bushfire danger. And finally, Ty Bonnar of Flexible Alternatives sent along a story about a flaming hawk in Ventura County, California, who had struck a power line, starting a small wildfire.

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