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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We lead off today with a retrospective from San Diego one year ago, when wildfires ruled the news, followed by details from the trial of a man accused of setting the blaze that killed five USFS firefighters. Eleven landowners in Washington state are suing a railroad for starting wildfires via embers from a smokestack, and as if there haven't been enough wildfires already, four Arizona firefighters are being accused of starting a score of fires to help pay the bills. Power lines have been determined to be the cause of a wildfire that burned 3,000 acres in Colorado last week. Three items from the technical side of the news today: one in which American scientists are recommending that Obama spend billions to upgrade satellite capabilities to better predict, among other things, wildfires; the next discussing how Australians plan to use a high-tech helicopter to send real-time video to firefighters on the ground during a bushfire (similar to LAFD's AIGIS System); and scientists in Australia are considering modeling bushfire search patterns by RPV's after birds (hopefully they don't have the limitation of needing a lead-plane for each RPV like the FAA requires in the US). In Taiwan, firefighters quelled a small wildfire in mountainous terrain. Firefighters in Australia managed to contain a bushfire outside of Port Lincoln that destroyed several structures, including some tuna processing facilities, although the outcome could have been much worse, as the next two articles demonstrate. In Sydney, fire authorities are still keeping the population on alert as the bushfire threat from heat and wind continues, while a political firestorm is brewing up over pre-treatment of vegetation in at-risk areas. Finally, the German government had better send these firefighters back to school, as a training exercise burns down their station (and not for the first time!)

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