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Monday, October 26, 2009


We lead off Wildfire News Of The Day with the following announcement by Wayne Coulson, owner of the Martin Mars:

Hi Michael, I forgot to mention to you that the Mars is being featured on the Science Discovery Channel "Heavy Metal Task Force" today and Monday. It has aired the last couple of nights as well. Its on in the US only right now so I have not seen the show, but I have had emails that people have enjoyed the show. Cheers Wayne

In wildfire news today, some interesting parallels are drawn in the next article between experimental aircraft and aircraft modified for firefighting, like the DC-10. Transportation officials have indicated that some of the roads through portions of Southern California's Angeles National Forest closed due to the Station Fire will be reopening by the middle of next month; followed by a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo in Fresno which is caring for endangered tadpoles taken out of the Angeles National Forest for safekeeping following the devastation of their habitat by the Station Fire. A small wildfire broke out in the Inland Empire over the weekend; even as hydrologists from the US Forest Service are studying flood potential in parts of the San Bernardino National Forest burned by the Sheep Fire, including a 1940s era dam whose timbers may have been weakened in the blaze. Contractors in San Diego are being probed by federal investigators over mischarging taxpayers during debris clearance following the 2007 wildfires. A wildfire broke out in Santa Cruz early Sunday morning and investigators are checking to see if debris burning in that area may have been the cause; something which may put CAL FIRE officials on the hot seat; even as an inmate firefighter helping with the fire had to be evacuated following an injury. A study from Oregon shows that, due to Global Warming, forests in the northwestern United States could produce less timber than in the past; but in echoes of the Station Fire, a US Forest Service administrator in Utah admits that they missed the danger signs when they lost control of a prescribed burn that eventually scorched thousands of acres and several homes. Greek firefighters have been exonerated after investigation of the cause of a blaze on the island of Evia revealed that power lines sparked the wildfire. Fires that were deliberately set are being blamed for forest fires that destroyed over 100 acres in Indonesia; however, Indian officials are calling for more participation from the public in fighting wildfires that often ravage the forested areas of that country. A spraying contractor in New Zealand may find himself paying a hefty tab if investigators conclude he was indeed responsible for a bushfire; and overhaul of the Victoria bushfire coordination center that has been lambasted by critics for poor performance during Black Saturday is underway. A study of Black Saturday survivors has shown the importance of community ties in helping people recover emotionally from such a trauma; followed by the odyssey of one Victoria family from Black Saturday until now. Dozens of commercial radio stations are now qualified to provide bushfire warnings to the citizens of Victoria; but officials at an electrical utility company have finally admitted that their equipment probably caused at least one of the Black Saturday bushfires in that state. Although rain has helped damp down a bushfire burning in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, firefighters still expect to be on the line for a few more days; even as another bushfire that broke out on Saturday has been labeled 'suspicious' by NSW fire officials. A Western Australia town has received a bushfire alert. As the weather improved a bit in Queensland, over 500 weary firefighters took a break, but officials still urged homeowners to do their part in protecting their property from bushfires; while sparks from a trailer that burst a tire apparently ignited over half-a-dozen bushfires in that state on Saturday. And finally, a cautionary tale about a QL firefighter who asked a group of men to stop lighting fires recounts how he was roughed up for his efforts!

Despite risks, Inland pilots enjoy building and flying experimental airplanes

Officials say Angeles National Forest roads to reopen next month

Fresno zoo leaps to rescue imperiled frog

Vegetation Fire Contained in Thermal

U.S. Forest Service study shows flooding possible

Federal agency launches probe of debris haulers

600-acre Loma Fire now 20 percent contained

Cal Fire Taking Heat Over Summit Wildfire

Good progress reported against Calif. blaze

Injured firefighting prisoner rescued in Loma fire

Study: Warmed NW forests may yield less timber

Forest Service misses 'red flag'

Fire service cleared over blaze on Evia

Forest conversion activities cause fire

Minister for public participation in fighting forest fires

Worker could be liable for $200k bill

Top cop to reveal bushfire overhaul

Community key to support

Black trees, red dreams

Commercial stations sign bushfire warning deal with State Government

Power company concedes fire calculations wrong

Rain eases bushfire in Blue Mountains

Nymboida bushfire 'suspicious'

Gnarabup on bushfire alert

A break for firefighters

Burst tyre sparks seven bushfires

Man charged over alleged firefighter assault

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