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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The impact of climate change on Southwest Oregon's wildfire plans is discussed in our first wildfire story today (1); but following the wildfires in Colorado this summer, insurance companies are raising rates and canceling policies (2). Wildfires in Florida are the topic of the next few articles, the first of which discusses a 13,000-acre blaze near Palm Bay which forced the closure of a local highway (3); where, with a high fire danger, firefighters in Volusia County are asking residents to forgo fireworks as part of their New Year's Eve celebration this year (4); while firefighters in Orlando found the body of an elderly man who had died trying to put out a wildfire sparked by his debris fire (5); but as if there aren't enough fires in that state already, firefighters will be a lighting a 100-acre blaze in Collier County's Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest! (6) A number of agencies are meeting in Alaska next week to discuss precautions for the 2011 wildfire season in that state (7). As 2010 comes to a close in Canada, British Columbia looks back on a very active fire season (8); however, a vital wildfire prevention program has run out of money! (9) Israeli officials toured the Carmel Forest area to assess the damage and discuss rehabilitation after the devastating wildfire there (10); but some in the Knesset are complaining that not enough money has been budgeted for firefighting (11). The Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Ministry reported a small forest fire in the Zagatala region (12). Australians in one Victorian town are concerned about bushfires on the one-year anniversary of a blaze that burned through their region (13); while fire officials in Western Australia warned homeowners about the bushfire danger during the holidays (14); even as people who suffered losses in last year's Toodyay bushfire continued to wait for compensation funds to be provided (15); just as bushfires once again threatened the town! (16) Firefighters in New South Wales battled a blaze in D'Entrecasteaux National Park (17). And finally, a Detroit firefighter got more than he bargained for from a hose that had a mind of its own!

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