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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Super Scooper aircraft saw some action over a six-acre wildfire in the Southern California community of Calabasas yesterday (1). A wildfire that has burned 5,100 acres in Kern County is threatening hundreds of structures, including 150 homes (2); while another 40-acre wildfire burning in the Sequoia National Forest is being allowed to burn for ecological purposes (3). A 315-acre wildfire that burned near Medford, Oregon, was apparently sparked by a pickax striking a boulder (4); while a 50-acre wildfire has been reported outside of Reno, Nevada (5); this coming at a time when fire restrictions have been lifted in the western part of that state (6). Half a dozen organizations have been awarded grant money by New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest to help with vegetation clearance (7). Although some wind has been predicted for the area today, firefighters have achieved 35% containment of the Reservoir Road Fire burning outside of Loveland, Colorado (8); hopefully allowing homeowners to go home for good, soon (9). Even though communities along Colorado's Front Range have finally issued burn bans, some are questioning why it took three weeks to implement them (10); but after two expensive wildfires drained available funds, Colorado dove into its Major Medical Insurance Fund to pay the bills (11); and an editorial forecasts a grim future for that state's beetle-killed forests as wildfires become more common (12). Utah's Twitchell Canyon Fire has exceeded 11,000 acres, the smoke making it hazardous driving on I-70 (13); while Supervisors from national forests in Idaho and Montana are protesting plans to allow "mega-loads" (extra-wide loads) to transit their areas, in part, due to concerns about getting fire equipment to wildfires quickly (14). An abundance of beetle-killed trees around Mount Rushmore in South Dakota has led officials to cancel the 2011 fireworks show due to the wildfire danger (15). Although firefighters in Jackson County, Mississippi, have a wildfire extinguished, they fear it may brew up yet again (16); and Connecticut's Department Of Environmental Protection has listed that state's wildfire danger as "high" due to a lack of rain (17). A mayor in British Columbia, Canada, had nothing but praise for emergency coordinators who did a stellar job during the recent wildfires (18); but an Op-Ed piece by a 35-year-veteran Canadian firefighter argues that recent wildfires in that province were avoidable (19). Russia is allocating nearly $250 million to prepare for the wildfires of 2011 (20); even as the Chairman of the Prosecutor General’s Office Investigation Committee is proceeding with several cases of culpable negligence following the massive wildfires in that nation (21). High temperatures have been baking KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, prompting firefighters to be on high alert for veldt fires (22). Heading to Australia, spring rains have brought color to parts of Victoria blackened by bushfires (23); while students are getting involved in bushfire safety at their schools (24). The Premier of Western Australia plans to seek compensation for residents of Toodyay who lost homes in the December bushfire (25). A drug rehabilitation center in New South Wales is being labeled a potential firetrap in the event of a bushfire (26); even as the Rural Fire Service is conducting controlled burns in national parks in that state (27). A South Australia community is concerned about heavy vegetation growth leading to high bushfire danger this coming season (28). And finally, firefighters in Russia may have even more at stake than saving homes from wildfires: preserving their stock of vodka!

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