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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wildfire news leads off with an article from USA Today that cites January and February, 2009, as the driest two months on record, which could lead to more losses from both drought and wildfires. There were a number of wildfires in the Eastern US today, beginning with a pair in North Carolina: a small one singed about 30 acres; and a larger one burned 330 acres near some homes. Arsonists are apparently busy in Kentucky; while the Louisiana wildfires did considerable damage to forest groves, as detailed by the next article. A summary of the wildfires in West Virginia, along with weather predictions, is provided; and Florida firefighters had to deal with a wildfire near Gainesville. Heading overseas, a mother and daughter were killed by a forest fire in India, apparently the victims of traditional slash-and-burn farming; while another forest fire has Indian fire officials planning more preventative measures, as local populations are threatened. Yunnan Province, China, is having more problems with wind-driven wildfires; but a wildfire that has been raging in Jamaica since Sunday has finally been put out. A memorial service for Australian bushfire victims is scheduled for March 31st at London's Westminster Abbey. Good news for people who lost homes to the Black Saturday bushfires: they will be able to get $35,000 for rebuilding and $15,000 for possessions lost in the fires. The finger-pointing continues in Australia; including consternation of the Australian media that the government has pronounced all preliminary meetings of the bushfire commission closed, something which members of the opposition question. An elite team of West Australian firefighters returned home from Victoria with stories of the unbelievable destruction they had seen there. With input from over 150 faculty, Melbourne University is mobilizing their staff to aid in planning for future bushfire emergencies; but as another testament to the law of unintended consequences, the fallout from the bushfires is brewing a water war Down Under. And finally, English firefighters, who have undoubtedly rescued cats from trees, got a rather unusual call recently.

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