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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Sue Russell, a journalist from San Diego County, California, sent along a book review that examines SDG&E's involvement in some of the region's wildfires over the years (1); while the next article takes a look at the mountain pine beetle epidemic, which killed an additional 550,000 trees in Colorado this past year (2). A Minnesota firefighting gel manufacturer whose products has been used to put out, among other things, grass fires, has just received $1 million in additional funds for their product's development (3). A wildfire was reported near East Naples, Florida (4); and another was sparked by a lightning strike in St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park (5). British Columbia, Canada's, District of Sechelt will be implementing an urban forest plan which addresses wildfire issues as well (6); while Indonesia, which produces much of the wildfire smoke plaguing Southeast Asia, is finally showing signs that it will ratify an anti-haze agreement this year (7). Fire officials are in hot pursuit of arsonists on New Zealand's North Island who have lit nearly 50 bushfires in the past few weeks (8); but due to official rules, the Australian Red Cross cannot provide funds to businesses (including farmers), something which caused some Black Saturday survivors to miss out on donations (9). And finally, as the second anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires approaches, Country Fire Authority firefighters were battling water instead of fire this time!

(1) Book Review: Circle The Wagons SDG&E Rekindles Debate Over Utility Lines' Role In Local Wildfires

(2) Northern Front Range forests among prime beetle-kill areas in 2010

(3) Firefighting gel attracts venture investors

(4) Firefighters battling mulch fire in East Naples

(5) Thunderstorms crossing Treasure Coast with cold front; lightning causes wildfire near Sebastian

(6) District adopts urban forest plan

(7) Govt wants haze agreement ratified

(8) Record 49 wildfires - charges loom

(9) Farmers miss out on charity, Mudgegonga woman warns

(10) Australian Firefighters Flood Town Save

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