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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We start Wildfire News Of The Day today with Rich Brooks, of the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise, delivering another detailed article about the importance of California in breaking new ground in aerial firefighting; followed by an in-depth look at this state's wildfire situation. Northrop Grumman's Global Hawk, which did yeoman service flying surveillance on wildfires last year, has reached a milestone that shows its reliability and endurance. Wildfires in Monterey County are nearing 500 acres burned and have cost over $1.5 million to fight; while the weather is not cooperating with firefighters battling blazes in Northern California. Not only do wildfires destroy communities, they also create them, as the next article from Oregon shows; while quick work by Colorado firefighters halted a wildfire mere feet from residences yesterday; and a 3,000 acre blaze in Colorado is now 50% contained. South Dakota firefighters are looking towards a busy month ahead due to dry vegetation throughout the state; and in anticipation of that, South Dakota fire officials have put a Single Engine Air-Tanker (SEAT) on immediate standby. The Kootenai Creek Fire in Montana has more than doubled to over 2,000 acres following a shift in the wind; even as Wyoming firefighters dread what wildfires may do when they hit stands of beetle-killed trees. A look at Alaska's wildfires, which have burned over 2.5 million acres this year, is up next.And Wyoming is not the only place to worry about beetle-killed trees, as the next article from British Columbia looks at some of the sources of fuel for the raging wildfires in that Canadian province. Fire agencies in BC are organizing city firefighters to mount a last stand when wildfires threaten structures; but not everyone is sorry about the Canadian wildfires: with over 400 helicopters engaged in fighting wildfires in British Columbia, helicopter firms are finding a bounty of business! Canada's Disaster Relief Act should help to pay much of the $61 million in fire suppression costs already incurred by BC this year; as Australian fireys are being dispatched to help fight wildfires there. Ontario's wildfire season continues to be mild, so they have dispatched a pair of CL-415s to British Columbia to help; and as lightning continues to spark new wildfires in The Yukon, firefighters are warning residents to be prepared to evacuate. Malaysia's capital is being inundated with the smoky haze emitted by wildfires in Malaysia and nearby Indonesia. Topping a list of eighteen recommendations for improving bushfire response in Australia's states is better communications, according to a new report. Having survived the Black Saturday bushfires, Sam the koala must now survive abdominal surgery to remove life-threatening tumors. Fire brigades in Australia's Capital Territory have received some much-needed equipment to help them in the upcoming fire season; but Australian National University got into a bit of a spat with their insurance carriers over bushfire claims, which a court would not uphold. And finally, firefighters in Austin, Texas, had to put out a fire at one of their stations - not once, but twice!

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