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Friday, December 10, 2010


A symposium to discuss rehabilitation of areas burned by wildfires in Southern California's Angeles National Forest in 2009 will be held in La Canada/Flintridge on December 16 (1); but with an abundance of fuel after recent freezes in Oklahoma and Texas killed a good deal of vegetation, fire agencies in those states are bracing for an active winter fire season, as the next two articles show (2)(3). Following up on a story from several days ago, firefighters in New Jersey are reaching an accommodation with a nature preserve whose fence causing controversy about wildland firefighting in the area (4); while firefighters in the New York City borough of Staten Island responded to two wildfires yesterday (5). Firefighters in Florida are bracing for a bad winter fire season (6); something which recent rain will do little to reduce (7); even as firefighters in Alachua County successfully contained a mobile home fire which could have turned into a wildfire (8); this coming at a time when Florida Division of Forestry is seeking help from the public in tracking down a wildfire arsonist who has set a number of blazes in St. John's County (9). Four days on, the people living near Carmel Forest in Israel, in which one third of the trees were burned in the recent wildfire, assess the damage done (10); but following the highly-publicized death of a teenager in Israel's wildfires, many more teens are considering volunteering as firefighters (11); while firefighters from Azerbaijan returned to a hero's welcome after joining 17 other nations to help battle the Israeli blazes (12). Firefighters estimate that a blaze that briefly threatened homes in Pouto, Northland, New Zealand, may run up a suppression cost of $2 million before it's finally extinguished (13). And finally, a television commercial showing some firefighters who fought wildfires near Flagstaff, Arizona, earlier this year in recliners has been tabled!

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