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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As the fires die down and the costs are tallied in Southern California, the wildfire news recounts what has just transpired, beginning with some photos from Orange County, followed by an article from Bloomberg about the year 'round fire season in Southern California. And as the costs are tallied, a state already reeling from a substantial budget deficit is left wondering whether the governor will pursue a tax surcharge to pay for firefighting expenses. Good news from the fireline, as firefighters approach containment on the Triangle Complex Fire, and an article from Reuters marvels at how Californians can still insist on living in wildfire areas. Hidden Hills residents are upset over a drop in water pressure during firefighting there, even though a huge water tank 7 miles away could have been tapped, while an LA Times article discusses underinsured property owners (seemingly an eternal problem in Southern California). A fire crew went through the terror of a burnover while fighting the Freeway Complex, as recounted by the next article, and a new study highlights ways to better protect wildland firefighters working wildfires. Some college kids are in serious trouble over their inadvertently starting the Tea Fire in Montecito, but a bit of good news as a developer gave up several newly-completed condos through the holidays to Tea Fire victims. Two stories follow about some of the many firefighters who streamed south to help with the fires outside of LA. Texas fire authorities are nervously watching their own weather as winds increase and humidity drops. As if fire conditions aren't bad enough right now, a trio that included a firefighter were charged with arson in several Alabama forest fires. And in Victoria state, Australia, farmers and ranchers are pleading with fire authorities to clear away vegetation quickly before they have another devastating bushfire, something that has plagued the region over the past five years.

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