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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A wildfire drill in Los Angeles County last week is chronicled by our first article today (1); and Riverside County fire officials reminded residents to exercise caution when using power tools to clear vegetation (2). Eldorado National Forest has announced that although a number of campgrounds will be closed over the Memorial Day weekend due to remaining snowpack, fire permits will still be required at open campgrounds due to the wildfire danger (3). A wildfire exercise in Washington state underscored the danger to communities all across the Cascades and Rockies (4); even as a prolific landscape arsonist has struck again in Tacoma, the twelfth time this month (5). A city council in Nevada has opted out of discussions on regional fire services due to a hefty $17,500 cost (6); followed by summary of wildfires burning in New Mexico (7). The ongoing battle over the Hidden Gems Wilderness Proposal in Colorado receives an update in the next article (8); while a wildfire elsewhere in that state is pulling in firefighters from as far way as Flagstaff, Arizona (9). Firefighters in Loveland made quick work of a wind-driven wildfire (10); but it was precipitation that tamped down a 3,200 acre wildfire in San Miguel County (11). Although an 8,500 acre wildfire in Northern Michigan is now contained, fire managers are warning residents that the danger from wildfires still remains (12). A book commemorating the first anniversary of one of South Carolina's largest wildfires is being offered by the Red Cross (13); but a volunteer firefighter has been accused of setting a number of wildfires in Swansea (14). Firefighters battling Alaska's Toklat Fire, which is past the 45,000 acre mark, will not be able to expect any favorable changes in the weather until next week at the earliest (15). Residents of British Columbia, Canada, facing another bad year for wildfires, are given some basic precautions to help prevent wildfires by the next article (16); but a carpet cleaner in Alberta province showed that his rig could also double as a fire truck! (17) With 16 active fires and a total of 232 reported to date in the province, Québec fire officials are warning residents about the fire danger (18). A forest fire in Berkshire, UK, kept firefighters busy overnight (19); while several individuals were injured in India's Kashmir as forest fires were the order of the day (20). The Victorian Premier is incensed about leaks from Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission hearings that slammed his government (21). Having sifted through over 500 candidate sites, the Victorian government has selected 81 bushfire safer places (22); while the Greater Bendigo Council discussed the composition and placement of a Black Saturday bushfire memorial (23). And finally, a reminder to firefighters to keep an eye open for injured wildlife, because you never know how a small kindness to our furry friends can have major consequences!

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(24) Chapman's rescue of singed cub gave fire awareness campaign its mascot

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