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Saturday, October 13, 2012


A letter to the editor argues that California's $150 fire fee which is levied against 800,000 rural homeowners should instead be charged to everyone, regardless of where they live, since many people enjoy wilderness areas even though they don't live there (1). As the rains of autumn arrive, Washington state's governor is easing fire restrictions across the state over the next few days (2); but those same rains could produce landslides in Gifford Pinchot National Forest burn areas (3); and smoke still bedevils some communities east of the Cascades (4). Following a year in which Nevada has seen 1,000 wildfires char over 620,000 acres, fire restrictions are finally being eased for the western part of the state (5); but after 18,000 acres of the Pine Nut Mountains were scorched, some fire restrictions remain even after some rain (6). Although firefighters in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park hope that precipitation will help them tame a 660-acre wildfire, they're concerned about winds making the fire more active (7); while the governor has set aside $1.3 million for rehabilitation of the Lower North Fork Fire burn areas southwest of Denver (8); but at a conference, the governor advocated a stronger forest industry to maintain healthy forests in that state (9); in the meantime, a $20,000 grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation will allow Colorado Springs Fire Department to stock up on wildfire gear (10). Although precipitation is falling in parts of Ontario, Canada, Dryden Fire Centre is reminding residents that there are still fire restrictions in place (11); while the International Association of Wildland Fire sent along an announcement that abstracts for their upcoming Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, to be held next July in St. Petersburg, Russia, are now being accepted (12). In Victoria, Australia, 151 communities containing 7,553 people may not receive bushfire warnings from the Australian Broadcasting Company due to gaps in the radio coverage areas (13); even as a shortage of radios could hobble Country Fire Authority's response to bushfires (14). Several residences were threatened by a bushfire north of Townsville, Queensland (15); but a lack of communication between officials could leave 665 communities (a total of 74,634 people) out of radio coverage when bushfire alerts are issued (16). Two badly burned firefighters are still recuperating as fire crews contained a 1,000-hectare bushfire in Albany, Western Australia (17); but gaps in Australian Broadcasting Company radio coverage could put up to 15,000 homes and businesses in Tasmania out of touch with bushfire warnings (18). And finally, a US Forest Service firefighter who became a celebrity during Colorado's Waldo Canyon Fire passed on encouragement to middle-school girls at an event at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs!

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