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Monday, April 30, 2012


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tony Morris, Communications Director for Southern California-based Wildfire Research Network, provides a comprehensive list of the types of aircraft available for wildland firefighting and the virtues of a public-private partnership to fund local firefighting aircraft (1); but although the family of the only person to die in an accidental wildfire has chosen not to sue the perpetrator, the Reno, Nevada, district attorney may proceed with the case anyway (2). As multiple investigations into the deadly Lower North Fork Fire move forward in Colorado, the next article provides some details on what has been learned so far (3); said wildfire having destroyed replaceable memorabilia bound for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (4); but compensation for Lower North Fork Fire survivors has become a political hot potato (5); even as U.S. Air Force Reserve pilots train hard for their wildfire mission at Peterson Air Force Base (6). Oklahoma City fire officials provided wildfire safety tips to homeowners in a video segment (7). The next item takes a closer look at inmate firefighters who help fight wildfires in Wisconsin (8); but following a 6.2-acre wildfire over the weekend, Michigan Department of Natural Resources's firefighters reminded residents of that state to be careful when conducting outdoor burns (9). Following a 1,200-acre wildfire, firefighters on Long Island, New York, have geared up for wildfire season (10); and Florida Forest Service assisted local firefighters in corralling a six-acre wildfire that threatened homes in South Walton County (11). Manitoba Conservation reported numerous wildfires across the southern part of that Canadian province this past weekend (12); while officials in Newfoundland and Labrador, reminded residents of their responsibility in preventing wildfires on the eve of fire season (13). A new report from India's Principal Chief Conservator of Forests indicates that a wildfire which ravaged 3,624 hectares in Karnataka state this past February was human caused (14); but images from Forest Survey of India satellites shows that 2,700 wildfires have burned in Odisha state over the past two months (15). Heading to Australia, a radio segment from Victoria touches on mental health coverage for Black Saturday survivors in the wake of four suicides over a six-week period (16); but the contentious issue of controlled burns in Victoria, as seen through the eyes of Country Fire Service firefighters, is examined by the next article (17). An expansion of gamba grass after heavy rains prompted Bushfires NT officials to warn residents of Central and Northern Australia about a heightened bushfire danger (18); while the next article takes a closer look at the apprehension of bushfire arsonists in Western Australia (19). And finally, firefighters in Los Angeles County, used to getting cats out of trees, had a different objective this time: rescue a computer-controlled drone!

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(20) Firefighters rescue teen's science project drone from palm tree

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