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Friday, January 16, 2009


Southern California is once again in the wildfire crosshairs, as detailed by our first article today, and a very lucky workman will not go to jail for accidentally starting the Zaca Fire. After many years of work by legislators in Colorado to draft some worthwhile fire mitigation bills, the government is willing, but the treasury is weak, as recounted by the next two articles. Foresters in Florida are getting a first taste of setting control fires from the air - ping-pong, anyone? Perth, in West Australia, has some major blazes in its vicinity, and residents of Bridgetown in that state are being forced to flee oncoming bushfires. Two blazes near Sydney are finally under control, but firefighters are bracing for bad fire conditions next week. Two cases of human-caused fires made it into the news: the first caused by a former firefighter who set a car afire in the bush to hide it's theft; the second caused by the Royal Australian Air Force during a bombing exercise (with parallels to an F-16-caused fire in New Jersey last year), the RAAF then pitching in to help put it out.

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State's fire effort in peril

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Bushfires spark across Perth as city heats up

WA Bridgetown residents told to evacuate

2 bushfires under control: RFS

Severe bushfire risk to return next week

Ex-firey lit inferno by torching car, court told

Defence blamed for sparking two bushfires

RAAF crews help fight Evans Head bushfire

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