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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Fire agencies provided information to Southern California homeowners in San Bernardino County's mountain areas on how to protect their homes from wildfires in our first article today (1); while firefighters reported 80% containment of the 4,618-acre Scott's Fire burning in Northern California (2); a 50-acre wildfire burning outside of Redding being 90% contained Wednesday night (3); but a Board of Equalization tax collector is protesting the new $150 fire fee being levied against 800,000 rural homeowners in the state (4); while Fortuna California Conservation Corps members recounted their firefighting adventures in two states (5). A summary of wildfires in Oregon is provided by the next item (6); where the Federal Aviation Administration will be helping pay for rehabilitation of taxiways at Medford's airport, which is frequented by air-tankers during fire season (7). Wildfire activity in Washington state is summarized in the next article (8); Department of Natural Resources firefighters responding to a six-acre blaze in Kitsap County (9); and a downed power line sparked a small blaze that spread into the Capitol State Forest (10); but firefighters in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest successfully protected a historic building from a 1,937-acre wildfire (11); while residents of the Yakima Valley had smoke-choked air deal with (12); as did Seattle (13); even as the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center appealed to the National Interagency Fire Center for more help fighting wildfires in the Pacific Northwest (14); NASA's Earth Observatory providing a striking photo of wildfires across the region (15). Idaho's 153,995-acre Halsted fire is now 45% contained (16); and information on the Wesley and Sheep fires will be provided by Payette National Forest to homeowners nearby tonight (17). Firefighters brought a 570-acre wildfire to 95% containment in Houston County, Texas (18); while firefighters in Wyoming brought containment of the 2,918-acre Horsethief Canyon Fire to 15% (19). With a 75-acre wildfire burning in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area, fire officials fear more wildfire outbreaks as over 80% of the state is experiencing extremely dry conditions (20); this in a year in which 300 more wildfires have burned than last year (21). With the approach of the fall fire season, officials in Cobb County, Georgia, are reminding homeowners about fire restrictions (22). In British Columbia, Canada, wildfire evacuees from Peachland and it's environs are being allowed to return home (23); but a ban on overtime by BC Government and Service Employees' Union will not impact forest firefighting efforts in that province (24); while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down possible arsonists following an outbreak of wildfires (25); the forest fire situation in Ontario, where six CL-415 air-tankers were very busy, being provided by the next article (26). A series of forest fires has burned 1,000 ha outside of Quito, Ecuador (27). Wildfire activity in the Mediterranean Basin picked up a bit, with new fires reported in Spain and Turkey (28); while the fire situation in Russia's Orenburg Oblast, which has seen 124 wildfires so far this year, is provided by the next article (29); a snapshot from NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer showing some of the 17,000 wildfires that have burned millions of hectares across Siberia this year (30). Villagers on the Indonesian island of Bali have been asked to be more proactive in dealing with wildfires on the slopes of Mt. Agung (31). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Nathan Maddock, Communications Officer for Bushfire CRC, sent along an article which discusses the perception that Australian emergency management policy suffers from a lack of clear objectives or measures of success (32); while Queensland's Emergency Services Minister may reconsider cutting 56 Rural Fire Service positions after public outcry over the decision (33); which is timely, considering the wildfire activity already being reported in that state (34). Firefighters in New South Wales are preparing for a brisk bushfire season this summer (35); but a researcher at the University of Sydney's United States Studies Centre discusses how terrorists are targeting Australia for bushfires (36). West Australia's government is being accused of delaying a report on the Margaret River bushfires until after an upcoming election (37). And finally, volunteers from Illinois made a long journey to Nebraska to support firefighters on the fireline!

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(38) Golconda Wildland Fire Camp Crew goes extra mile during Wellnitz Fire

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