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Monday, October 18, 2010


A New York Times article takes a look at an odd predicament for the city of San Marcos, California, which altered a wildfire hazard map due to concerns that insurance companies would raise rates in high-hazard areas (1); while a small bird may create a large problem for salvage loggers in California who clean up forest debris after a wildfire (2); and a nursery in the Santa Cruz Mountains whose operations are underwritten by CAL FIRE may have to close due to budget shortfalls (3). The next item takes a quick look at several timber issues in Oregon, including a $10 million cut in Oregon Department of Forestry's budget (4); while a wildfire that has burned over 1,000 acres in New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest is 30% contained, but firefighters worry that an increase in winds could stir the blaze up (5). A wildfire in Lubbock County, Texas, required 50 firefighters to extinguish it over the weekend (6); and a 20-acre wildfire kept Texas Forest Service busy in Montgomery County as well (7). The Assistant Fire Chief of Michigan's Hulbert Fire Department has been arrested on nine counts of wildfire arson by the Sheriff's Department (8); and another wildfire, the third in the past few weeks, burned along Tennessee's Cumberland Trail over the weekend (9). As deer season opens in Mississippi, Desoto National Forest has invoked a burn ban on hunters (10); but wildfire mitigation projects are moving ahead in Florida thanks to a $35,000 grant (11). Native tribes in British Columbia, Canada, have earned a $274,000 windfall from First Nations Emergency Services Society to help with their wildfire mitigation efforts (12). An article sent along by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mike Rogers, former Angeles National Forest Supervisor for US Forest Service, gives a size-up of Australia's fire situation as bushfire season begins (13); fire officials providing rural dwellers with some timely advice on how to decide when to leave if threatened by a bushfire (14). Country Fire Authority is urging Victorians who own holiday homes in wildland areas to clean up vegetation around the properties in order to reduce the bushfire danger (15); and another article takes a closer look at Victoria's controversial "bushfire precinct" designation (16). Next up, we have a tale of two schools: one elementary school in Victoria that was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires has reopened 20 months later (17); but with crews fanning out across New South Wales to clear out what is perceived to be hazardous vegetation, another elementary school is crying for a halt (18). And finally, ageless defenders of the forest, Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl, are going to be featured at Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, California!

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(19) Public-service mascots Smokey, Woodsy take a bow

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