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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today we lead off with three articles on firefighting technology, although the first two are more for structure fires than pure wildfires: the first discusses the use of GIS in pinpointing both incidents and assets (something LAFD has explored in an airborne application, as can be seen in a presentation prepared for LAFD by Wildfire Research Network); the second shows an innovative new firefighting grenade introduced here a few weeks back and now being put to actual use by firefighters on the East Coast; and the third highlights the use of Sierra cameras to track the progress of a newly-discovered wildfire in Sequoia National Park, technology that had also been mentioned here a few weeks ago. Next up, some tips from a legal source about recovering damages due to wildfires. Cal Fire is reducing staff as the fire season in Northern California wanes, but not so much that they couldn't respond with overwhelming force to a small wildfire near Grass Valley. A USFS air-tanker pilot went out in style with a fitting tribute up in Chico as he completed his final retardant run and hung up his wings after 38 years in the business, which included some B-17 stick time. USFS is beginning controlled burns up north, but they would be well advised to keep a close eye on them, as firefighters found out to their regret in Nevada. The governor of Colorado is appealing to the Feds for additional funding to help maintain fire safety in their wildlands. A wildfire in Utah has now reached 60% containment with the help of some California firefighters, while one in Arizona has passed the 5,000 acre mark. Way down south, firefighters in Victoria, Australia, are hoping cooler weather will aid them in their fight against a huge bushfire there, and an elite group of former Australian officials are trying to work out a plan to better fight fires and save money (and lives) at the same time. A study from the October 2007 wildfires in San Diego showed that keeping students indoors during smoky periods paid off, but as the final item shows, not everyone in San Diego is upset with excessive smoke inhalation (the contributor of this item wished to remain anonymous - something to do with job security).

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