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Thursday, August 06, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, a New York Times article underscores the lack of a strong advocate for the US Forest Service in obtaining aerial assets needed to fight wildfires, based on a report from US Department of Agriculture's inspector general (the full report can be read here); but it sounds like opponents of San Diego Gas & Electric's plan to shut off power in the backcountry during red flag days need an advocate as well, as they appeal to California's Public Utilities Commission to stop SDG&E from implementing this policy. Firefighters in central California managed to control a 40 acre blaze in rugged terrain yesterday; and a small blaze in the Palo Alto foothills was quickly extinguished by firefighters yesterday. A brief summary of wildfires burning in Northern California is up next; while firefighters in the Sierra Nevada were making good progress fighting a wildfire that had topped 5000 acres and was approaching $10 million in suppression costs. A wildfire burning in Oregon's Cascades continues to give firefighters grief; but at least they didn't have a chemical weapons depot wildfire to deal with like firefighters elsewhere in that state! Lightning once again sparked several wildfires in central Washington state; a small wildfire near the town of Hunters quickly expanded, keeping firefighters busy for some time yesterday; but as lightning sparked more wildfires in that state, cooler temperatures may bring relief to firefighters. Firefighters in New Mexico, concerned about unexploded bombs in the area, have decided to let a small wildfire continue to burn (I would too!) A small wildfire on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado was quickly doused by firefighters; but fire authorities believe that illegal fireworks were the cause of a small wildfire elsewhere in that state. In a scary incident, four people were injured by lightning while tying down an S-64 firefighting helicopter in Idaho; even as a wildfire cropped up in another community yesterday. Lightning has sparked a couple of fires in northern Utah; followed by a summary of wildfires burning in Alaska. Fed up with Canadians setting campfires in British Columbia's forests, where nearly 4,000 firefighters, using 400 aircraft and hundreds of pieces of machinery try to get a handle on 825 wildfires, the provincial Forest Minister said that he was going to enforce heavy fines against offenders. Firefighters had a stiff fight trying to keep a wildfire out of a BC community; while some basic questions asked by civilians about the wildfires in BC are answered by the next article. Firefighters from outside BC continue to arrive to help fight raging wildfires throughout the province, as the next three stories demonstrate. Fire agencies are warning residents of Newfoundland and Labrador that the fire danger in their provinces is still great; and a behind-the-scenes look at Canadian wildland firefighters is up next. Arguing that more homes are lost to flying embers than to the flame front of a wildfire, a US expert recommends that populations not always be evacuated from encroaching wildfires. Victoria, Australia, fire agencies are publicly discussing ways to improve their fire response in the future. Sam the koala bear, a symbol of hope for bushfire survivors, has died during an operation to remove life-threatening tumors; while the Australian firefighter who rescued Sam from a fire-charred Victoria forest was devastated by her loss. And finally, present-day firefighters should be happy they don't have to fight fires like this anymore!

Ineffective Advocacy Hamstrings Funding for Forest Service's Aerial Firefighting -- Report

Order sought to halt SDG&E wildfire plans

Firefighters contain grass blaze west of San Ramon

Firefighters corral blaze in Palo Alto foothills

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DNR attacking wildfire on Lessig Road near Hunters

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Forest officials let fire burn due to munitions

1 Acre Cheyenne Mountain Wildfire Fully Contained

Fireworks likely sparked Basalt wildfire

Helicopter struck by lightning in Idaho, 4 injured

Blaze erupts on Bountiful hillside

Crews battle lightning fires in northern Utah

Fire crews protect remote Alaska subdivision; health advisory issued

B.C. forests minister fights fires with fines - zero tolerance for campfires

Crews hold the line in Lillooet

What the #!%* is the deal with B.C.'s forest fires?

Alberta firefighters off to B.C. to help douse wildfires

N.B. firefighters ready to battle B.C. wildfires

Canberra firefighters to battle Canadian blazes

N.L. forest fire risk high

Wildfire fighters are a 'special breed'

U.S. fire expert says mass evacuation's not always necessary

Vic fire authorities acknowledge problems

'Bushfire' koala Sam dies

Firefighter David Tree devastated at Sam the Koala's death

Old-time firefighting teams to compete in Virginia City

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