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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Firefighters in Tennessee felt that they had a 920-acre wildfire nearly under control today, and firefighters in Kentucky were pleased to hear that their incentive pay would be restored. Planes and helicopters assisted firefighters in North Carolina on a 150-acre blaze, while a fire in another part of the state kept firefighters on the ground busy. Wildfire news overseas leads off with a summary of wildfires for the record books, but Canadian firefighters aren't waiting for warmer weather to prepare for the upcoming fire season, as the next article shows. Malaysia is complaining about smoke from fires in nearby Sumatra, and casualty reports are coming in from forest fires in Southwest China. In Australia, CO2 emissions from bushfires have already equaled the amount typically generated by Australian industry for an entire year, while in this digital age, Australia is having trouble keeping up with demand for information on the bushfires. Search-and-rescue dogs are being provided by New Zealand to help in bushfire-ravaged Australian towns, and two arson suspects were questioned, then released as the manhunt for arsonists continues. Better weather is holding in Victoria state, raising firefighters' hopes that they can contain the bushfires there, but residents are finding out just how important insurance coverage is (especially those who don't have any!) In a scenario familiar to firefighters everywhere, the money to fund better fire capabilities still isn't there, as the next two articles highlight. The military is providing more than just aircraft and logistical support to bushfire evacuees, and resilient Australians vow to rebuild. And through it all, Australians show their admiration and respect for their 'fireys' (the Australian nickname for firefighters), as summarized by the next two articles. The death toll to wildlife in Australia's bushfire disaster (estimated to be in the millions) is highlighted, but a veterinarian from Tasmania is assisting wildlife. And finally, just in time for Valentine's Day, a Koala who survived the bushfires finds love in an unexpected place.

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