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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tony Morris, journalist and Communications Director of Wildfire Research Network concludes his very informative two-part expose on what it's like to work as an Air-Medic for Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Ops. A wildfire in a Southern California community never had a chance, as CAL FIRE firefighters pounced on it immediately; while, in an interesting turnabout, California officials have decided not to charge a non-profit for a wildfire that started on their property. A coalition of fire agencies in Colorado will be having a training exercise ahead of wildfire season in that state; while Wyoming Air National Guard units will be conducting Modular Aerial Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) training in preparation for fire season. A wildfire is burning near Minneapolis, Minnesota; nearby, Wisconsin showed up in a pair of stories concerning wildfires in that state: after reporting four times the number of wildfires as last year, Wisconsin fire agencies reported another wildfire in a state forest Tuesday; and yet another that was caused by a lawn mower. A town about 20 miles north of Oklahoma City had a wildfire break out; as investigations to the causes of the Oklahoma wildfires get underway, arson being one topic under consideration. Native Americans (who make up about 25% of the wildland firefighting forces in the US) were in action during the wildfires in Oklahoma last week, leaving a couple injured. For people burned out of their homes in the wildfires that raced across Texas and Oklahoma, tax relief (or at least delay) is available from the IRS; just as survey teams from FEMA begin canvassing Oklahoma in an effort to assess the wildfire damage in that state. Debris fires, the cause of many wildfires in Montana, are addressed by fire officials in the next item; but a trio of juvenile delinquents has been apprehended in New Jersey in regards to suspicious fires there over the past year or so. The Alabama Forestry Commission is offering a free evaluation service for homeowners in Alabama concerned about protecting their property from wildfires; and to underscore the importance of doing this, a wildfire in Mobile County burned 100 acres. Florida's forestry folks are reminding people to control debris burning, the number one cause of human-ignited wildfires in that state. Another very useful tool in the firefighter's tool box (both in the US and Australia) is being provided for free by Pitney Bowes; something that will undoubtedly be used extensively in the US, as the National Interagency Fire Council is reporting 10,000 more wildfires in the US this year versus the same time period last year. A political fur ball developed in the Indian government over the apparent lack of preparation for recent wildfires. Heading to Australia, with an estimated 50% of bushfires being started deliberately, Australia's government wants uniform and stricter arson laws across the country; while the issue of greenhouse gas cuts also cutting jobs is the topic of the next article. Metal thieves demolished parts of a bushfire-damaged home to steal copper wiring and other recyclable metal items; but one family just can't win: having lost their home in the bushfires, the rental they moved to has burned down as well! Christians express how their faith helped them through the bushfires and the aftermath; but due to technical difficulties, filing for bushfire relief is proving difficult for older members of the community. The Weather Channel will be broadcasting a comprehensive study of the Black Saturday bushfire disaster and the weather events that led up to it in early May. Preservation of the Black Saturday bushfire events will be funded by the government; and as part of that effort, a program to compensate Australian artists with up to $2,500 as part of the bushfire recovery is showcased in the next item. And finally, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) took on a whole new meaning for West Palm Beach, Florida, firefighters beset by a swarm of bees while fighting a fire!

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