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Monday, October 15, 2012


Southern California-based Ambient Control Systems announced the release of its newest wildfire detection system (1); the National Park Service easing fire restrictions in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks due to more favorable weather (2). A small wildfire was apparently sparked by a campfire in Kitsap County, Washington (3); while a 100-acre wildfire was reported in Arizona's Tonto National Forest (4). The next article provides an update on rebuilding efforts in Colorado following several wildfires (5). A 150-acre wildfire burning near Idaho's Magic Mountain Ski Resort has been contained, allowing highways in the area to reopen (6); but after dispensing 1.5 million gallons of retardant to air-tankers battling wildfires across Idaho this summer, the Boise Air Tanker Base is closing up for the season (7). The next article takes a look at the financial impact of Teton County, Wyoming's, Horsethief Canyon Fire (8); meanwhile, firefighters have brought a 175-acre wildfire burning in Meagher County, Montana, to 50% containment (9). South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest eased fire restrictions in additional areas (10); but although more portions of Nebraska's national forests and grasslands are reopening in the wake of a 25,000-acre wildfire, fire restrictions still remain due to unusually dry conditions (11). Four months after Michigan's Duck Lake Fire devastated thousands of acres, the next article looks at the impact on residents (12); and with the onset of the fall wildfire season in Tennessee and Virginia, firefighters have no idea how active the season will be (13); that article followed by one from Florida which takes us down memory lane in regards to national forests and firefighting in that state (14). Russian forestry officials announced that all the wildfires burning in Siberia have been extinguished (15); but Kazakhstan's KazAviaLesoOkhrana is watching for new blazes in Ile-Alatau State National Park (16). Although cutting power during peak bushfire periods could reduce the incidence of fires, a new study in the Medical Journal of Australia suggests that more civilian casualties could be inflicted by heat-related deaths (17); while Queensland was besieged with bushfires over the weekend (18); and Bushfires NT officials fear Northern Territory may have a serial arsonist on the loose after a busy weekend putting out bushfires there as well (19). Two firefighters who were severely burned battling a bushfire outside of Albany, Western Australia, remain hospitalized (20). And finally, firefighters from Sacramento, California, rescued a wayward deer who really didn't want to be rescued!

(1) Ambient Announces Release of FireALERT MK1.5 and MK2.0 Wildfire Detection System

(2) Fire restrictions lifted at Sequoia, Kings Canyon National parks

(3) Crews called back to brush fire after flare up

(4) Firefighters battle blaze in Tonto National Forest

(5) Rebuilding after Colo.’s most destructive wildfire

(6) With Wildfire Contained, Rock Creek Road Reopens

(7) Wildfire Air Tanker Base In Boise Closes For the Season

(8) County fire cost is $3M

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(11) More sections of state's National Forests reopening

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(18) Bushfires flare up across parched Queensland

(19) Arson blamed for weekend of fire chaos

(20) Firefighter continues fight for life in hospital

(21) Firefighters rescue deer stranded in canal

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