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Thursday, June 07, 2012


A 12-acre wildfire was reported in the hills above the Southern California community of Claremont earlier this week (1); and Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters snuffed a small wildfire burning in Brentwood yesterday (2); another 1.5-acre wildfire being reported near Lake Elsinore (3); while three small wildfires were reported outside of Chula Vista in San Diego County (4); and a small wildfire which apparently started in a transient camp outside of Santa Cruz delayed traffic along Highway 1 (5); but a wildfire which has burned 1,800 acres in Sequoia National Forest has been stopped at the Little Kern River (6). US Forest Service is recruiting four more air-tankers to bolster its dwindling numbers, including a pair of S-2Ts from CAL FIRE (7). Following the crash of Minden Air's P-2V Tanker 55 in Nevada on Sunday, its Tanker 48 had its landing gear inspected prior to being put back in service (8); while a new 320-acre wildfire has been reported in New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest (9). Firefighters brought containment to 80% on a 227-acre wildfire burning in Larimer County, Colorado (10); but more counties in that state are considering fire bans as wildfires continue to pop up (11). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director for American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, sent along his condolences to Neptune Aviation in regards to the crash of Tanker 11 in Utah in a press release (12). As wildfire conditions worsen, Red Flags are being hoisted over 75% of Utah (13); where firefighters already have their hands full battling blazes (14). National Interagency Fire Center is forecasting a reduced wildfire risk for much of Texas this season (15); but US Forest Service is calling in reinforcements to help battle the 3,500-acre wildfire burning in Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest (16). Arson investigators are still unable to determine the cause of a wildfire that burned 9 acres in Palatine, Illinois, earlier this week (17). Firefighters were able to halt a small wildfire that briefly threatened homes outside of Honolulu, Hawaii (18); but a 1,200-acre blaze on the Waianae Coast was still not contained (19). Students from Manitoba, Canada, are exploring ways to atone for sparking a 53,008-acre wildfire on a 2008 field trip (20); while Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources said that 15 wildfires have burned nearly 48,000 hectares across the province (21). A wildfire that has scorched over 435 ha outside of Valencia, Spain, is still active (22); but as fourteen wildfires scorch 4,570 hectares in southern Siberia, eight Russian paratroopers were killed in a burnover (23). Continued indiscriminate burning on the Pacific's Fiji Islands has authorities concerned about more wildfires (24). Four tiger cubs were killed by a wildfire in India's Aampokhra Range in Uttarakhand state (25); but providential rainfall has quenched wildfires burning in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh (26). In Victoria, Australia, nearly three dozen protestors have been arrested outside of Healesville for holding up logging of timber left untouched by the Black Saturday bushfires (27); while Warrandyte has received an $86,200 donation from the state for bushfire education efforts (28); but the state government is under fire for walking away from a promise to have homeowners reveal the bushfire danger their property faces to potential buyers (29). And finally, firefighters from Hawaii's State Department of Land and Natural Resources have an unusual task ahead: save the snails!

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