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Friday, March 15, 2013


The Oregon Senate Budget Committee passed an amendment which aims to reduce fuel in overgrown forests that can lead to more intense wildfires (1); while the International Association of Wildland Fire sent along an invitation to an upcoming webinar based on a study from the University of Oregon that discusses the economic impact of large wildfires on local economies (2). The Arizona wildfire Academy conferred its first Southwest Wildland Firefighter of the Year Award on a Coronado National Forest Assistant Fire Management Officer (3). Colorado legislators are exploring the possibility of starting a public-private partnership which would allow the state to deploy its own firefighting air-tankers (4); and they may be needed soon as wildfire season has arrived early in the southern part of the state (5); even as a five-acre wildfire was reported in Colorado Springs (6); but following a year in which many Coloradans were devastated by wildfire losses, the legislature is pushing forward a bill that would provide more compensation in cases of government negligence in starting the fires (7). Mannheim, Oklahoma's, Sunset Bible Camp is still trying to rebuild after wildfires last year destroyed some of their facilities (8). Firefighters in South Dakota touted the benefits of the Firewise Communities Program in protecting homes from wildfires (9); and the Fire Management Officer for the Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands counseled much the same thing to residents of that state (10). As Ohio's spring wildfire season begins, the Department of Natural Resources reminded homeowners not to burn trash during the daytime (11); while Alabama Forestry Commission firefighters are battling several wildfires in Mobile County (12). A Forest Fire Specialist from Pennsylvania's Delaware State Forest provided information to an emergency responder club on wildfires (13); and a total of four wildfires were reported in Darlington County, South Carolina, yesterday (14). Dry fuel and low humidity has prompted the National Weather Service to issue wildfire warnings for parts of Florida through the weekend (15). As a wildfire near San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic, reached 80% containment, a seed bank was inaugurated which will provide 20 million saplings for reforestation efforts in that Caribbean island nation (16); and another fire was reported in Waterford, Bahamas (17). In the UK, alert Bracknell Forest Council street cleaners snuffed a bushfire burning close to the Forest Council's offices (18); but smoke from wildfires in Myanmar and Thailand have heavily polluted the air in northern Thailand (19). As New Zealand struggles through the worst drought in 30 years, Auckland imposed a burn ban (20); while at the class-action lawsuit against SP AusNet in Victoria, Australia, one mother recounted the loss of her son during one of the Black Saturday bushfires blamed on the utility's equipment (21). And finally, a firefighter from Selden, New York, received a call to a familiar address: his own!

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