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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


An Op-Ed piece from California advocates using supertankers more frequently against wildfires (1); and an article from Kern County argues for greater use of Twin Commander aircraft for air attack purposes (2); but in a sign that wildfire season is upon us, the US Forest Service's Sierra Hotshots were getting some last-minute training in Central California (3). The actions of US Forest Service's elite Hot Shots battling wildfires in Arizona is the topic of the next article (4); while Colorado lawmakers are providing $2.35 million from Federal Mineral Lease funds to fire agencies in the state to battle wildfires (5). An update on wildfire activity in Texas is provided by the next article (6); where airborne assistance has helped firefighters on the ground bring a 4,500-acre wildfire burning west of Alpine to 70% containment (7); and air-tankers also helped out with a 1,500-acre blaze in Big Springs (8). Hot, dry weather remains the order of the day in West Texas, where an abundance of Red Flag warnings proclaim the fire danger (9); but although President Obama has still denied a federal disaster declaration for areas burned by the Texas wildfires, FEMA grants and Small Business Administration loans are available nonetheless (10); more details on the SBA program being provided by the next article (11). Officials in North Carolina issued an air quality warning in regards to a wildfire which is sending a pall of smoke over Dare County (12); while the 36,350 acre wildfire burning in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve is now 70% contained (13); and four wildfires burning in Marion County's Goethe State Forest were apparently sparked by lightning (14). Wildfire activity in the Canadian province of Ontario is summarized by the next item (17); where a small blaze was snuffed out Tuesday night (16). The head of Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry is proposing establishing arson patrols to help spot wildfires across the country (17); while a gathering of experts in Sun City, South Africa, to discuss mega-fires identified China's 1987 Black Dragon Fire, which killed over 200 people and scorched 1.2 million hectares, as the first fire of that type (18). Over 100 hot spots produced a smoky haze over Indonesia's Sumatra Island (19); but in another sign that life is returning to normal in parts of Victoria, Australia, burned by the Black Saturday bushfires, a wildlife shelter is being rebuilt (20). And finally, Narromine Fire Station in New South Wales, Australia, had a stellar open house!

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