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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Darrel Kenops, Executive Director of the National Association of Forest Service Retirees, passed along a study from his other affiliation with the Society of American Foresters with the following comments: The Society of American Foresters recently released Task Force report "Managing Forests Because Carbon Matters" an October/November, 2011 Special Issue, Journal of Forestry, Volume 109 #7S, an important reference. In SAF's CEO/Executive Vice-President Michael T. Goergen Jr. view "According to the task force, US environmental and energy policies need to be linked or at least based on the mutual recognition of four basic and science-informed premises" (1). Taxpayers rights activists have California's new wildfire tax, which charges 850,000 homes in additional $90 per year for wildfire suppression costs, firmly in the crosshairs (2); while Congressman David Dreier introduced the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests Protection Act in Washington DC to better coordinate efforts in fighting wildfires in Southern California forests (3); this coming on the grim five-year anniversary of the Esperanza Fire, which killed five US Forest Service firefighters (4); even as Red Flag warnings were issued for Los Angeles and Ventura counties (5); as well as for San Diego County (6). Although residents of Northern Arizona may notice some smoke from existing controlled burns, no new prescribed fires will be set on the Kaibab National Forest (7); and two controlled burns in Arizona's Coconino National Forest will scorch over 500 acres today as well (8). New Mexico State University researchers are conducting a three-year study into the effects of cattle grazing as a means to reduce the danger from wildfires (9); but although cooler weather has arrived, dry conditions in the Gila National Forest have fostered two small wildfires (10). A man accused of setting a 60-acre wildfire outside of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, made an initial appearance in US District Court Monday (11); while a new report from U.S. Forest Service on the Fourmile Canyon Fire provides some useful tips to homeowners on how to prepare for wildfires of the future (12). The trials and tribulations of Burnet County, Texas, wildfire survivors in dealing with their satellite internet company is chronicled by the next article (13); but residents of Chadwick, Missouri, have formed a Firewise Council to improve wildfire safety in the community (14). An Op-Ed piece from Hilton Head, North Carolina, advocates purchasing a small helicopter for firefighting purposes (15). The destruction of several physicians' homes by wildfires that burned a third of Slave Lake, Alberta, is having an impact on healthcare in that Canadian city (16). Heading to Australia, bushfire survivors were among those at a reception at Victoria's Government House to greet the Queen of England (17); but despite numerous bushfires across Western Queensland, cattlemen indicated that their livestock had dodged the flames (18). South Australia's Country Fire Service unveiled their new smart phone FireApp, which provides maps on bushfire activity (19). And finally, Adopt a Family will help some small Texas wildfire survivors have a Happy Halloween!

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