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Thursday, February 14, 2013


A University of Colorado study blames Global Warming for a 43% reduction in pinyon pine reproduction, a species already impacted by wildfires (1); while Colorado's Wildfire Relief Fund may get a boost from snowboarders (2). The next article takes a closer look at Idaho Department of Lands' bill that would allow ranchers to become more directly involved in battling wildfires on their property (3); and West Lake Hills City, Texas, has purchased a FireWatch camera system to spot wildfires in the heavily forested Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve (4). Residents of Kentucky were reminded that the spring forest fire hazard season will be commencing tomorrow (5). In Ontario, Canada, Douro-Dummer Township city officials discussed the costs of keeping wildfires out of the County Forest (6); while officials in Thailand's Chiang Mai province fear that forest fires could worsen smoggy conditions prevailing in the region (7). A quintet of firefighters from Otago, New Zealand, headed out to join other Kiwis fighting bushfires in Victoria, Australia (8). Victoria-based Bushfire CRC will be expanding its studies to cover other natural disasters after a grant of $47 million from the Australian government (9); even as the Department of Sustainability and Environment identified the second firefighter killed by a falling tree while fighting the 27,000-hectare Harrietville bushfire (10); and it was revealed that the other firefighter had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian (11). Ranchers in New South Wales have received $5,000 in donated animal ID markers to help with bushfire recovery efforts (12); where the Siding Spring Observatory will reopen its doors following an inspection which showed that it's safe to reenter despite damage from last month's bushfires in Coonabarabran (13). Lightning-sparked bushfires destroyed the historic Southampton Homestead in Western Australia's southwest (14). Tasmanian police are under the magnifying glass after roadblocks during last month's bushfires barred thousands from the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas (15); but some of the money from an auction at Magic Millions Tasmanian Yearlings Sale yesterday will go towards the Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal (16). And finally, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota unveiled an amazing new glove which allows firefighters to see in the dark or through smoke!

(1) Global warming: Yet another threat to Southwest's iconic pinyon pine?

(2) Bid on snow boards and help the Wildfire Relief Fund

(3) Ranchers could see more opportunities to battle wildfires

(4) West Lake Hills OKs camera purchase aimed at spotting wildfires

(5) Spring Forest Fire Season Begins Friday

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(7) Chiang Mai monitors burning to prevent worsening smog

(8) Firefighters to help out in Gippsland

(9) Bushfire research centre will expand to cover all natural disasters

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(11) Fallen Victoria firefighter Katie Peters 'wanted to be a vet'

(12) Animal ID company bunks-in to help bushfire, flood victims

(13) Observatory reopens after NSW bushfires

(14) Homestead lost as bushfires torch WA

(15) Bushfire roadblocks raise legal questions

(16) Half of colt sale proceeds spur for Salvos' bushfire appeal

(17) Professor Hopes New Glove Will Help Firefighters In The Dark

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