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Monday, August 19, 2013


As Western fires continue to burn, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Rick Hatton, CEO of 10 Tanker Air Carrier, sent along an update on their efforts battling wildfires:

As a recent example of what the DC-10s, and only the 10s, can do, we flew 51 flights on the Mountain Fire southwest of Palm Springs during a few days in mid July. Over 500,000 gals. of retardant accurately ringing what had rapidly become a mega fire in very difficult terrain. This quantity would have required over 200 flights of any LAT, existing or planned, and would have taken many more aircraft and many more days, decreasing effectiveness and safety, while increasing cost significantly.

Within hours of this fire's containment, our two a/c were reassigned to the Silver, Falls, and Aspen fires, operating from two additional CA. reloading bases to further increase effectiveness and efficiency. They have subsequently been effective on multiple UT, CA, and ID fires, most recently Beaver Ck.

An increasing number of professional agency users are enthusiastically endorsing the 10 as a vital component to the aerial mix due to its quantity, versatility, and reach.

Any future national fleet composition would be significantly enhanced across all the relevant metrics by having six to nine Next Gen DC-10s on long term ExU [exclusive use] contracts.

MORE, SOONER, SAFER, CHEAPER. It's not complicated.

Elsewhere in the news, an article takes a look at how drones could be used not only to map wildfires but also to provide telecommunications in remote areas (1); while a New York Times article examines the difference in benefits accorded to contract firefighters versus full-time firefighters (2); followed by a USA Today article in which Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ray Rasker, Executive Director of Headwaters Economics, is interviewed about how rampant building across the West is raising the cost of wildfires (3). A 170-acre wildfire in the hills above the Southern California community of Calabasas is 50% contained (4); but Kern County Fire Department battled four lightning-sparked wildfires in the Kern River Valley (5); lightning also being blamed for over two dozen small fires in Plumas County (6); a 46-acre wildfire in Calaveras County was 75% contained (7); but the 60-acre Lode Fire near Angels Camp was 0% contained (8); while a 1,995-acre wildfire that is 45% contained still threatens hundreds of structures in Butte County (9); and the 14,765-acre American Fire burning in the Tahoe National Forest is now 49% contained (10); an update on fire activity in the Stanislaus National Forest being provided by the next item (11); but with 10 major wildfires burning in the state, lightning and gusty winds from a storm front could complicate matters considerably (12). A five-acre wildfire was reported in Oregon's Willamette National Forest Sunday (13); and a 700-acre wildfire threatened homes and a water treatment facility in The Dalles (14); adding to the estimated $70 million already spent fighting wildfires in that state this summer (15); the next article taking a look at forest regrowth after fires in Cave Junction (16). A 30-acre wildfire in Brunswick Canyon, Nevada, has been contained (17). A 400-acre lightning-sparked wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona, is burning close to the area where 19 Hotshots died in June (18); and 11 wildfires were burning in the Tonto National Forest as well (19). A 1,500-acre wildfire which briefly threatened homes near Hayden, Colorado, has been controlled (20); a Scientific American article revisiting the issue of flooding in Rocky Mountain burn areas (21). A CBS News video segment provides an update on the 126,000-acre wildfire that is threatening more than 10,000 homes in Sun Valley, Idaho (22); NASA providing a satellite view of the fires from space (23); the current wildfire siege prompting the Governor and Senator Jim Risch to press US Forest Service for permission to conduct more logging in the state (24); the Idaho Statesman weighing in on the increased size and severity of wildfires over the past 25 years (25); but as long as people keep leaving unattended campfires in the Boise National Forest, wildfires will continue to occur (26). Firefighters in Utah were making good progress on wildfires, allowing Summit County evacuees to return home (27). Several wildfires in Montana continued to expand (28); including three burning in the Lolo National Forest (29); and the 210-acre Sheep Fire in the Gallatin National Forest (30); while lightning sparked some new ones near Missoula (31); even as a new law just passed by the Legislature sets aside $23 million for wildland firefighting in that state (32). Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources issued a press release about wildfire activity in that Canadian province (33). A new wildfire was reported in Cualedro, Galicia, Spain (34); and an encroaching wildfire forced the release of hundreds of dogs being housed in a shelter in Turkey's Dalaman district (35). Bushfires have been reported around Sibu, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo (36). Heading to Australia, residents of Dereel, Victoria, have delayed presentation of a 600-signature petition to representatives of Telstra in regards to the bushfire danger posed by areas not serviced by cell towers (37); while bushfire building restrictions are again in the crosshairs as a Yarra Ranges councillor waded into the issue (38). And finally, a Eurocopter EC225 firefighting helicopter will be equipped with a water cannon to fight high-rise fires in Japan!

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