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Monday, January 05, 2009


Happy New Year! Leading off wildfire news today, two articles submitted by readers of News Of The Day: The first from Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network, another interesting story by LA Times reporter Bettina Boxall about the cost to California of wildfires in 2008 and how little has changed legislatively to reduce suppression costs; the second submitted by Ty Bonnar of Flexible Alternatives is a write-up on the innovative PCADS product in an Australian technology journal. Two articles out of San Diego discuss the slow recovery of the region, from frame-signing parties at housing sites to avocado growers tightening their belts for some lean times ahead. Next up, an article tallies the cost to FEMA for wildfire assistance in Southern California. Two related articles from Santa Barbara discuss the futility of blaming vegetation for wildfires when it's the human factor that often figures more prominently in the equation (pointing back to the previously-cited LA Times article in today's news). Speaking from the other side of the debate, forester Tom Bonnicksen advocates vegetation (principally forest) clearance in the next article. A report from NTSB faults dispatchers for sending a SEAT into high-wind areas against the better judgment of the pilot, who was killed fighting a fire near Fort Collins, Colorado, last spring. Montana is having a spirited debate at the statehouse in regards to fuel clearance (a recurring theme in this issue of News Of The Day, it seems), while, overseas, an article about maintenance of French wildfire aircraft gives some detailed stats on that firefighting force. Heading to Australia, a lawsuit may set a precedent for such actions against government bodies unable to control bushfires there. A small bushfire in New South Wales is causing headaches for firefighters, especially with concerns about gusting winds expanding the fire. Due to a dry winter followed by a wet spring, firefighters across Australia are warning residents about the upcoming bushfire season as a hot, dry summer continues there. And having seen articles about fire lookout towers from many parts of the U.S., here's one on the same topic Down Under.

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