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Monday, July 19, 2010


A trio of wildfires sparked by lightning in Riverside County, California, are nearing full containment (1); and another was reported on Ronald Reagan's Southern California ranch over the weekend (2). A 100-acre wildfire near California Hot Springs was reported early Sunday (3); while CAL FIRE announced that mop up is beginning on a wildfire that has been burning in Tulare County (4); but residents of Lake Tahoe want to discuss reducing the discomfort smoke from controlled burns produces in the future (5). A hand crew was working over a three-acre wildfire in Oregon (6); while reduced wind velocity is helping firefighters in Central Washington rope in a 15 mi.² wildfire that has burned since last week (7); but another one which sparked on Sunday has already burned over 100,000 acres (8). A press release from Nevada-based Tactical Air Defense Services, purveyors of the IL-76 supertanker firefighting aircraft, announced that Tom Robinson, a longtime proponent of the IL-76, has been appointed Director of Disaster Relief Services (9). Boulder County, Colorado, has been living through a lightning siege that has sparked a number of wildfires over the last two weeks (10); and one of the most recent is still drawing a sharp response from helicopter air-tankers (11); while a wildfire that has burned 800 acres in the White River Forest is being allowed to burn for ecological purposes (12). A pair of wildfires were reported in Bingham County, Idaho, over the weekend (13); one along I-86 has scorched 1,000 acres so far (14); and yet another was reported in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest (15). A wildfire near Helena, Montana, that started on Friday is being brought under control after burning nearly 900 acres (16); one wildfire that burned 1.4 mi.² in the western part of that state has been completely contained (17); while a small wildfire elsewhere in that state did little damage, but did manage to destroy a barn (18); and a 150-acre wildfire in Yellowstone National Park was reported early Sunday by an aircraft conducting research in the area (19). A wildfire in rugged terrain in South Dakota was reported over the weekend (20); with another in New York State that was sparked in heavy brush near a landfill (21). A 25,000 acre fire in the northern part of Alaska continues to burn as southern regions get some much-needed rain (22). A look at the future of the C-130, a workhorse that can be used as a platform for MAFFS (Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System) and PCADS (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System), is provided by the next article (23). British Columbia Forest Service has reported nine new lightning-sparked wildfires this morning (24); as well as a pair of suspicious grass fires that burned last week in that Canadian province (25). A grass fire in British Columbia forced the evacuation of nearly a dozen homes before being contained (26); even as continued fire danger has prompted a campfire ban throughout the province (27). Firefighters have allowed residents of two northern Saskatchewan communities, which were evacuated due to wildfires, to return home (28). Heading to the Mediterranean, wildfires were reported in Vallelunga Pratameno, San Biagio Platani, Racalmuto Licata, Erice, Gangi, Butera and Villafrati Italy, Santa Elena in Spain, and numerous locations in the North African nations of Algeria and Tunisia, as well as one in Koinotita Varnava, Greece, over the past few days (29). A summary of wildfires that burned in Greece recently is provided by the next article (30); but that government's current austerity plans may have a serious impact on their ability to cope with large wildfires in the future (31). Fire officials in the Central Asian nation of Azerbaijan are urging citizens to help reduce wildfires as a heat wave keeps the fire danger high (32). Heading Down Under, Victorians who survived the Black Saturday bushfires are now having to deal with thieves posing as government officials (33); but as if Victoria's embattled former head of bushfire reconstruction didn't already have enough problems, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery on Sunday! (34) The plan to provide 800 rural Country Fire Authority fire stations with 13,500-liter water tanks, in order to provide a guaranteed source of water, even during a drought, is examined by the next article (35). University of New South Wales has received funding for an in-depth study of best practices for satellites scanning for natural disasters, such as bushfires (36). And finally, in a bizarre story straight out of the Twilight Zone, family members of a Texas firefighter killed in the line of duty are arguing that his wife should not be eligible for his death benefit money or estate due to the fact that she was once a man!

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