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Monday, August 10, 2009


The La Brea fire, burning in California's Los Padres National Forest, has already topped 10,000 acres and continues to spread, our first wildfire story today; followed by an Op-Ed from the executive director of Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology that discusses firefighting policy in the US; and a summary of the firefighting costs and active fires continuing to burn in Northern California. Although rain quelled many of the 900 lightning fires ignited this weekend in Northern California, some fires continue to smolder. The value of airtankers on wildfires in Washington state is underscored by the next article; while a fire burning in a wildland fire-use area in Arizona is being closely watched by fire authorities. Two stories out of New Mexico today: a wildfire in Carson National Forest is threatening natural gas lines in the area; and a wildfire burning near Kirtland Air Force Base has residents concerned. A summary of wildfires burning in Colorado is up next; and a wildfire burning in Utah continues to threaten property and wildlife, despite the arrival of fire crews from the East Coast. The Texas Forest Service, supported by a pair of Black Hawk helicopters and two SEATs, has a trio of wildfires to tackle today. Insurance investigators are looking into the response by South Carolina fire agencies during the Horry County fire earlier this year; but there's trouble in paradise, as firefighters on Oahu, Hawaii, battled a small wildfire in rugged terrain. As winds pick up in British Columbia, Canada, wildfires continued to grow over the weekend; but more favorable weather has reduced new wildfire starts from 200 a day down to only 20 a day in BC. Wildfires in Europe have already burned as much vegetation as was lost in all of 2008, and experts fear future seasons may be even worse. A government minister in Indonesia has accused local plantation owners of sparking major wildfires in the area; prompting Malaysia to reiterate its offer of firefighting help; even as wildfires continue to burn in Malaysian Borneo. An Op-Ed piece from Victoria, Australia, discusses the lessons of bushfires past; while another article asks if anything has changed as bushfire season approaches.

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