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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, several fire agencies provide useful tips for homeowners in preparing for wildfires; while the man who started several fires at Los Angeles' Griffith Park has been sent to prison. Yorba Linda, California, will have a town hall meeting tonight to discuss the Freeway Complex wildfires of six months ago. Even though the surface fire is out, underground hot spots from the Jesusita Fire remain; but an Op-Ed piece asks why the fire agency response was so weak as the Jesusita Fire was in its early phases. Another article details the closure of the Santa Maria Air Attack base in the critical early days of the Jesusita Fire; while the next article asks, hypothetically, whether a DC-10 air tanker would ever fly out of Santa Maria Air Attack Base (my thoughts - don't hold your breath!) Accidental fire starters beware: California is cracking down on those who start fires accidentally, such as happened in Topanga Canyon and Santa Barbara, California, recently. A small wildfire in California drew an immediate response from both air tankers and firefighting bulldozers; and a group of troubled teens is being trained as seasonal firefighters in Salinas, California. Air Force Reserve and National Guard air wings have completed their MAFFS training in Arizona and are ready to fight fires. A small wildfire is burning in Colorado; and an update on the NTSB report about the air-tanker crash in Utah is provided in the next item. As parts of Florida continue to have wildfire problems, one in particular is being called the 'worst in a decade', as recounted by the next two articles. Members of two environmental groups mounted a demonstration in Lebanon to highlight the plight of cedar forests in that country. Locals are upset about wildfires that have devastated forests and rubber plantations in Kundapur, India. Lack of timely warnings to communities in the path of Australia's Black Saturday bushfires concern the Royal Bushfire Commission; something echoed by the following article as well. An independent government probe of the causes and effects of the Victoria bushfires will be conducted, according to one senator. The Australian power provider fingered as the cause of a bushfire is trying to fend off accusations; but even though the bushfires may be out the bushfire scams continue, as the next article from Victoria shows. Facing inclement weather conditions as the Australian winter nears, bushfire survivors discuss their trials and tribulations. And finally, here's a wildfire you probably don't want to have to fight - where's Red Adair when you need him?

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