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Friday, November 13, 2009


The US Forest Service has released their preliminary report on their response to the Station Fire (the report can be read here), our first wildfire story today; but in a legacy of the Station Fire, residents of the La Canada/Flintridge area suffered through a mudslide spawned by heavy rains in burn areas early today. A look at the financial cost of wildfires in Southern California is provided by an article from Bloomberg; while an inmate who is accused of setting the 2003 Old Fire outside of San Bernardino has pleaded not guilty to five counts of murder. Orange County Fire Authority, as part of their beefed up response to wildfires, will begin flying flags on high fire danger days as a visible reminder to homeowners of the wildfire danger. Allstate insurance Co. donated $80,000 for a number of billboard ads urging residents of San Diego to make preparations for wildfires; but a lawsuit has been filed to halt development of an area in Tejon Ranch that frequently hosts wildfires. Forest owners in Central California will be able to attend a workshop that shows how to maintain a healthy forest amid wildfire hazards. Good news from Lake Tahoe: despite the ash dumped into the lake by the 2007 Angora Fire, the lake has retained its clarity; but there was some bad news for the US Forest Service, which is being accused of being unprepared for debris flows from recent rains in areas ravaged by the Angora Fire. A team of experts is being put together by US Forest Service to tackle the bark beetle problem in Colorado and other parts of the West; with their next stop probably being Montana, where hundreds of thousands of acres of beetle-killed trees present a sizable fire hazard to the national forests in that state. Farmers in parts of Texas will be able to get loans to help repair the damage done to their crops by wildfires; but Upstate New York firefighters used ATVs, leaf blowers, and rakes to rope in a 100 acre wildfire. Over $1 million in government money will be used to help reduce the danger from wildfires in British Columbia, also providing up to 40 part-time jobs to unemployed foresters. A symbolic tree planting ceremony in burn areas north of Athens, Greece, was attended by members of the US Embassy, as well as US Forest Service personnel via video link from Montana. A blogger from Australia laments the ad-hoc approach to the bushfire threat after the Black Saturday disasters; and police are on the lookout for someone who is using illegal fireworks to spark bushfires in state parks in Victoria. The age-old problem of safely evacuating civilians from an area threatened by a bushfire is examined in the next article from Victoria; even as a 100-acre bushfire burning in South Australia has been contained. Campers were chased out of their campground by a bushfire on Queensland's Sunshine Coast; but an incoming thunder storm is expected to clear thick smoke from the fire out of Brisbane later today (although the same winds that clear the smoke could stir up the fire!) And finally, Iowa State University researchers are taking a swing at developing new PPE for firefighters, from head to toe (the question is, will it be fashionable?)

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