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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A wildfire was reported burning in rough terrain in Colorado's Poudre Canyon yesterday (1); while Boulder County and the US Forest Service have reached an agreement on how much the Lefthand Fire, which burned 622 acres, cost to suppress (2). The difficulties facing firefighters in Oklahoma battling wildland-urban interface fires is explored by the next item (3); something to which the residents of Goldsby can attest, as they pick up the pieces in the wake of last week's wildfires (4); but despite the damage done, authorities are relieved that no occupied homes were destroyed (5). As investigators begin checking into the causes of Oklahoma's wildfires, arson is expected in some cases (6); where wildfires even had an impact on the governor's vacation plans, as the next article shows (7). Texas Forest Service battled a 750-acre wildfire in Floyd County yesterday (8); while firefighters declared victory over the Central Texas wildfire that burned 6,200 acres in Bosque County (9); nevertheless, with wildfires having burned 246,338 acres across that state over the past few weeks, Midland's County Commissioners have decided to extend the burn ban for three more months (10). Firefighters added up the losses suffered in Jack County, Texas, in the next item (11); while Potter County Commissioners are reevaluating the tax status of properties in their wildfire-ravaged communities (12); but the Small Business Administration will be making low-interest loans of up to $200,000 available to homeowners and businessmen in several Texas counties as part of their wildfire relief efforts (13); and for ranchers and farmers, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide technical assistance as well as financial help to aid in post-wildfire recovery (14); while the next story looks at the assistance provided by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention to homeowners devastated by the recent wildfires (15). Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is doling out federal money to help volunteer fire departments throughout the state prepare for wildfires (16); while firefighters in Tennessee knocked down a 12-15 acre blaze started by a controlled burn on Signal Mountain (17). Budget cuts to the Alabama Forestry Commission have many fire chiefs in that state worried about being able to handle wildfires in the future (18). The New Jersey Forest Fire Service ignited 1,200 acres of pinelands to reduce the wildfire danger (19); however, the Georgia Forestry Commission reported a 500-acre wildfire in McIntosh County (20). Florida Division of Forestry is asking for the public's help in identifying who may have set a 25-acre wildfire that burned near Lake Placid (21); while the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service Survey Commission has imposed a ban on ATVs and airboats in the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area due to the fire danger they pose (22). As part of the Philippines Fire Prevention Month, college students are being encouraged to participate in firefighting drills to prepare for emergencies (23); but rough terrain hampered firefighting efforts in Mongar, Bhutan, where 200 acres of chirpine forest was destroyed (24). Two contentious issues from Victoria, Australia, are up next: the first deals with the removal of several trees harkening back to Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires (25); the second takes another look at the controversial program to use cattle grazing to reduce bushfire danger in Alpine National Park (26). FESA firefighters are bracing for the worst as bushfire conditions become severe in the Perth Hills of Western Australia (27); while the off-duty policeman accused of accidentally sparking the Roleystone bushfire had his day in court (28). And finally, Smokey Bear is getting some competition from a Massachusetts fourth grader!

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