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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A 600-acre wildfire has been reported near Nogales, Arizona (1); while the Texas Forest Service issued wildfire warnings across parts of the state today (2). Lake State Railway will be fined $274,209 for sparking wildfires near Grayling, Michigan, that burned 1,300 acres in 2008 (3); but fire officials across Kentucky warned residents of the fire danger as the spring fire season arrives (4). Wildfires sparked by debris fires were reported in several parts of Alabama over the past few days (5); and the next article takes a closer look at wildland fire prevention in Mississippi (6). Due to reduced rainfall across the Southeast, officials at Okefenokee National Refuge fear a repeat of wildfires like those in 2007 which destroyed 22 structures and burned 500,000 acres (7). A wildfire burning in Craig County, Virginia, has spread to 540 acres in size (8); while firefighters in Halifax County battled a 25-acre wind-driven wildfire that destroyed several structures (9); and half a dozen fires were reported in Pittsylvania County as well (10). A comprehensive look at wildfires across North Carolina, where 123 blazes were reported yesterday, is provided by the next article (11); followed by a summary of wildfires in four counties (12); while one in Surry County is expected to burn 600 acres (13). Firefighters extinguished a blaze outside of Boone, North Carolina, yesterday (14); but four structures were burned in Sumter County, South Carolina, when a tree fell on a power line (15). Firefighters in Western Australia were forced to battle a resurgent bushfire north of Perth (16); the following article providing detailed information for survivors trying to clean up the mess already done (17); even as the U.S. Navy lends a hand! (18) Fire agencies in South Australia are lobbying for more controlled burns to reduce the bushfire threat throughout the state (19). And finally, a retired FDNY firefighter who lost his home to a fire got an unexpected windfall: nearly $50 million in lottery money!

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