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Thursday, January 14, 2010


As the CWPP meetings in communities around Southern California's Santa Monica Mountains continue, the sessions have been poorly attended by residents, underscoring the apathy that is all too often the norm among people living in wildfire areas (1); while a controversial city councilman from Oregon has filed lawsuits to prevent thinning of trees by USFS, even though the Nature Conservancy and other organizations have endorsed it (2). Now that 2009's fire season is over, Idaho is stuck with a $7.2 million bill to pay (3); but a southern Texas county is grappling with the issue of backyard burning during a time of high fire danger (4). Citing the fire hazard an abundance of beetle-killed trees in the area provides, the National Park Service will prohibit any fireworks displays at South Dakota's Mt. Rushmore National Memorial this coming July 4th, an event which is nationally televised each year (5); and a resident of Kentucky has been charged with setting fire to an historic fire watchtower, the last of its kind in the Daniel Boone National Forest (6). A breakdown of how $6 million in stimulus money will be spent on North Carolina's forests is provided by the next item (7). The Spanish government has purchased a high-tech CL-415 pilot training simulator for their firefighting air force (8); but Greenpeace has faulted the government of Indonesia for their proposed reforestation policy to cut greenhouse gasses emitted by massive forest fires set by landowners clearing land for commercial plantations (9). A controversial organization in Victoria has published a book titled Firestorm: Black Saturday's Tragedy, which is supposed to help raise funds for the Country Fire Authority fire agency (10); while Queensland Fire and Rescue will be conducting air sampling to determine when smoke levels reach the danger mark for asthmatics in Brisbane (11). Insurance companies in Western Australia are tallying up the claims due to homes damaged or destroyed in recent bushfires (12). And finally, Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters will have a tough fight on their hands when they take on a ladies roller derby team in a vicious game of broomball for charity!

(1) Community Wildfire Protection Plan moves forward

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(8) Indra takes delivery of Mechtronix water bomber flight training device for government of Spain

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(10) Kevin Rudd endorses Exclusive Brethren fire book

(11) Bushfire triggers health alert on northside

(12) Toodyay bushfire tallies 38 insurance claims

(13) Derby Dolls to battle L.A. firefighters in charity event

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