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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


CAL FIRE air-tankers pounced on a wildfire burning in Amador County, California (1); while the U.S. Forest Service will conduct controlled burns on 20 acres on the California side of Lake Tahoe today (2). After years of suppressing fires and restricting loggers has increased the wildfire danger, a new plan to selectively cut down some of Oregon's trees is even receiving approval from environmentalists (3); and the next article takes a look at air assets available to the Oregon Department of Forestry (4). Washington State University Extension and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources have teamed up to provide wildfire tips to homeowners in their "Firewise 101" workshops (5); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an invitation to an upcoming wildfire conference in Seattle on April 17-19, 2012 (6). Although wildfires have ravaged large swaths of Arizona, a new study from Baylor University shows that some species of birds actually thrive in post-wildfire environments (7); but to help ranchers hard hit by wildfires, the Arizona Cattle Growers Association is asking for donations, both financial and in the form of hay (8). Although New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest is set to reopen due to a reduced fire danger, some fire restrictions still remain (9). A 12,000-acre wildfire burning west of Salt Lake City, Utah, has finally been contained (10); investigators determining that it was probably started by target shooting (11). Investigators are still trying to determine what sparked a 250-acre wildfire that burned on the outskirts of Edmond, Oklahoma (12); while air-tankers from Texas and New Mexico assisted firefighters on the ground battling a 2,800-acre wildfire burning in Jeff Davis County, Texas (13); and a 3,000-acre wildfire burning in Wyoming threatened to cross the border into South Dakota (14). Smoke from wildfires in Canada prompted the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to issue health warnings to people with respiratory conditions (15); while Michigan has also reported an influx of wildfire smoke (16). Although rainfall has reduced the fire danger in Southern Mississippi, fire officials warned homeowners that the wildfire danger still exists (17). Two weeks of rain have reduced the fire danger considerably across Alabama, allowing authorities to lift fire alerts in 64 counties (18); but although the fire in Gulf State Park is out, damage done by firefighting apparatus still needs to be repaired (19). Firefighters in South Carolina continued to grapple with the 805-acre Hornet Fire (20); where South Carolina Forestry Commission firefighters set another 200 acres ablaze in efforts to control the fire (21). Despite recent rainfall, the wildfire burning in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp has reached 300,239 acres in size (22). Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources provides an update on wildfire activity in the northeastern portion of that Canadian province in the next item (23); but the northwestern portion of the province is still seeing an abundance of fires (24); the smoke from those fires prompting the evacuation of 1,500 First Nations residents from their homes (25); and sullying the skies in other areas as well (26). Cuba's Forest Rangers Corps reported that nearly 700 wildfires had scorched close to 20,000 ha between January and May of this year (27); while researchers have come up with a drought prediction model which could help reduce the incidence of wildfires in Brazil's Amazon rainforest (28). Spain reported a new wildfire, and Italy provided an update on 21 currently burning there (29); and Bulgaria's CEZ utility initiated a wildfire awareness campaign to help reduce the incidence of forest fires in that Central European country (30). Heading to Australia, controversy is swirling around a proposed phone tower in Victoria's Warrandyte Reserve, with helicopter pilots fearing collisions, but Country Fire Authority firefighters hoping for better phone coverage during bushfires (31); while Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is beefing up Aerial Fire Fighting Facility water tanks at Warwick Aerodrome in preparation for what could be the worst bushfire season in decades (32). And finally, a story from Oregon's Klamath National Forest recounts the epic tale of a fire lookout who has been on the job for an astounding 53 years!

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