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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Taking advantage of favorable weather, firefighters will conduct a series of controlled burns in Southern California's San Jacinto Mountains over the next few months (1); and Los Padres National Forest is following suit with other forests in Southern California by lifting fire restrictions due to recent rain and snow (2). A head-on collision in Southern California's high desert between an elderly motorist and a fire transport vehicle resulted in the death of an inmate firefighter yesterday (3); while an Op-Ed piece from Northern California argues in favor of controlled burns to clear out underbrush in the Six Rivers National Forest (4). A late-season wildfire in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest has been contained after burning 9,000 acres (5); and the next article takes a look at Huntsville, Texas, one of only nine communities across the United States to be selected for a special wildfire mitigation program (6); but an Op-Ed piece from Montana cries 'whitewash' over a report that assigned no blame in regards to a wildfire that burned in the Helena National Forest (7). Missouri, where upwards of 90,000 acres are scorched by wildfires each year, is continuing its wildfire alert due to ideal fire conditions (8); while Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry Bureau will be providing grant money to fire departments to help prepare for wildfires of the future (9). An underground coal fire which had sparked a wildfire in Ohio's Wayne National Forest has been contained, although 5 acres are still off-limits to the general public (10); but authorities are leaning towards declaring a wildfire in Virginia an arson fire (11). Firefighters battling a debris fire in North Carolina are waiting for favorable weather conditions to extinguish the blaze (12). A new study shows that empowering local communities to maintain forest areas has yielded excellent results in Mexico in regards to wildfires (13). Seeing the benefits Chinese satellites provided in near-real-time bushfire images, Australia has unveiled a $40 million Space Research Program (14); but an Op-Ed piece from Victoria reflects on how the Premier has seemingly been unaffected by any criticism over his handling of the Black Saturday bushfires (15). And finally, the iconic Erickson Air-Crane firefighting helicopter dubbed 'Elvis' by the Australians, has returned to flight bushfires in Victoria - and he brought friends!

(1) Controlled burns planned over next few months in San Jacinto Mountain areas

(2) Los Padres National Forest relaxes fire restrictions

(3) Inmate Firefighter, Driver Killed in CA Truck Crash

(4) Get involved in protecting area's natural beauty

(5) Crews contain 9,000-acre wildfire near Hwy. 60

(6) Huntsville becoming 'fire wise'

(7) Davis fire conclusion disappointing

(8) Wildfire Alert Remains in Two Missouri Regions

(9) DNR forestry grants to help fight wildfires

(10) Coal fire contained in Wayne National Forest

(11) Arson is Likely Cause of Stanley Forest Fire

(12) Firefighters hope to extinguish stubborn blaze

(13) New study: Mexico's forest communities excel in good management, outperform other strategies for capturing carbon to slow climate change

(14) Australia's space star is looking brighter

(15) Bushfire prevention is once again on the backburner

(16) Elvis back with friends to fight bushfires

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