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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Another former firefighter has struck out on his own, starting a private firefighting company along California's Central Coast, as Wildfire News Of The Day gets underway. 'Hardening' your home and other measures to protect your property in California (or anywhere, really) are discussed next. A wildfire on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon led investigators to a body in a pickup truck; and, with more than 24,000 lightning strikes recorded in parts of Oregon this past week, the fire season has definitely arrived! Lightning strikes were also responsible for igniting at least one fire in Washington's interior yesterday; followed by a detailed breakdown of fire-related projects to be funded by $26 million in federal stimulus money in that state. An update on the wildfires in Arizona; is followed by information about a trio of wildfires burning in New Mexico's Gila National Forest. The restoration of a Texas town hit hard by wildfires earlier this year is coming along. The value of prescribed burns is explored in an article from Pennsylvania. Canada has found a labor pool to help fight wildfires: unemployed loggers! Areas of British Columbia continue to burn, giving firefighters a busy night last evening; and forcing another town's residents to be evacuated. A detailed look at Spain's wildfire-fighting plans for this year is provided next (for those readers who don't speak Spanish, you can translate it by copying and pasting the weblink into Google's translation software). Peat fires in Indonesia made for smoky air in that region. As bad as Black Saturday was, it could have been much worse, according to an Australian wildfire researcher. A series of sensors could be sprinkled across Victoria to detect natural disasters, such as bushfires, for about $50 million. The plight of Victoria's animal residents after Black Saturday is revisited. And finally, firefighters in Ogden, Utah, performed a duckling rescue, although one victim was reluctant to come along with the rest and required special extrication help!

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