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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Fire agencies are expecting 4 to 6 large wildfires in Orange County, California, this fire season, as Wildfire News Of The Day gets underway (1); and the new disaster planner for two Santa Barbara County communities has set to work to provide them with a first-class wildfire response plan (2). Two CAL FIRE firefighters are going the distance to provide summer camp for kids burned in fires (3); while Arizona's governor is considering a bill that would allow certain fireworks to be used in that state, despite the fire danger (4). Our next article, originally printed in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, explores the change in philosophy regarding wildfires in the West (5). An Op-Ed piece lambasts consideration of Colorado's 'Hidden Gems' plan, which would prevent thinning of vegetation (including beetle-killed trees) in areas set aside as wilderness (6); and speaking of beetle-killed trees, firefighters in Colorado Springs are adding an extra 'Watch Out' to their wildland firefighting book because of these hazards (7). Montana's Department of Natural Resources and Conservation unveiled a new wildland fire engine which will be positioned in Ravalli County this fire season (8); but they could have probably used it in Minnesota, where a 500-acre wildfire is nearly under control, with even 30-year veterans remarking about the unusually intense fire season so far (9). A wildfire that burned 240 acres of Michigan's Huron-Manistee National Forests has also impacted the habitat of endangered birds (10); while an increase in precipitation in West Virginia has allowed the governor to lift the total burn ban imposed when wildfires were running riot through the state (11). Areas in Northern Florida are under Red Flag warnings as the fire danger throughout that state increases (12). The impact of wildfires on a shrinking forest cover worldwide is examined in an article in Annals of the National Academy of Sciences (13). An update on the wildfire situation in Ontario, Canada, is provided by the next article (14); where arson investigators in Thunder Bay are still trying to determine what caused a small wildfire there a few days ago (15); and a pair of CL-415 air-tankers made quite a splash as they battled a wildfire in the Greenbelt area of Espanola (16). And speaking of CL-415's, the next article takes a look at their manufacturer, Bombardier, which delivered its 201st amphibious aircraft to Newfoundland and Labrador (17). Phone and Internet service was knocked out by a bushfire near Valsayn on the Caribbean island of Trinidad (18). Cost from crop damages due to rampant wildfires in Ireland have now reached the seven-figure level (19); and there are hidden costs as well (20). The Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus has beefed up their wildfire-fighting capabilities, and the increased muscle already paid dividends last year when they had less damage even though there were more fires (21). Hundreds of acres of forest have been consumed by an out-of-control wildfire near Tamghas, Nepal (22); while statistics from last year show that the Pacific island nation of New Caledonia had 10 times the area destroyed by wildfires in 2009 as in the previous year (23). The compensation hearing currently underway before Australia Capital Territory's Supreme Court could last until next year and will include testimony by experts from as far away as North America (24). With only five weeks to go, the Royal Bushfire Commission is hearing that the once-touted policy of 'stay or go early' may have resulted in more deaths during Black Saturday, even amongst those who appeared to be prepared to stay (25); but a new controversy from those hearings has erupted over VicRoads' policy on reducing bushfire threats along the roads (26). A debate over several 'safe havens' in one Victoria community centers on whether they are truly safe in the event of the bushfire (27). Country Fire Service is requesting more funds to help train their volunteers in South Australia (28); even as smoke from bushfires near Perth, Western Australia, are causing smoky skies (29). And finally, for you history buffs, here is the true story of Smokey Bear!

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