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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mikel Robinson, Executive Director of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a notice that the deadline on the Call For Papers for their October International Smoke Symposium has been extended (1). With nearly 75% of the land in 10 Western states experiencing drought conditions, wildfires are multiplying as temperatures soar (2); a bipartisan group of Western senators sending a letter of protest to President Obama's budget director and the secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior in regards to a proposed 31% cut to the wildfire prevention budget (3). A 350-acre wildfire near the Southern California community of Yucaipa was 5% contained as of Friday night (4); and fire crews managed to fully contain a wildfire that broke out near Lake Castaic as well (5); but a volunteer firefighter who deliberately lit a small wildfire near San Mateo in 2011 is off to jail (6); the impact of climate change on the Sierra Nevada mountain range being examined by the next article (7). Oregon's 17th annual Wildland Firefighting School was attended by 300 personnel this year (8); while Washington state's Department of Natural Resources will be imposing burn bans July 1st that will run through September 30th (9). Although Arizona's Doce Fire continues to throw off smoke and ash, Prescott National Forrest officials stated that the blaze is now 94% contained (10); nevertheless, the Red Cross is urging homeowners to make plans to protect their families and property as wildfire season is far from over (11). The tourism impact of two wildfires that have burned 21,000 acres in New Mexico's Pecos wilderness is examined by the next article (12). As fires continue to burn across Colorado, burn bans are going into effect over much of the state (13); the importance of Boulder's "severity patrols" hunting for wildfires being examined by the next article (14); a small flareup in the Black Forest Fire burn area jangling jittery nerves among homeowners who were evacuated during that fire (15); a NASA Earth Observatory photograph showing wildfire smoke that could be from Colorado clear out in the North Atlantic Ocean (16); while a wildland firefighter weighed in on what it's like to fight fires (17); even as a family that lost their home to the Black Forest Fire copes with their losses (18). A summary of wildfire activity in Utah is provided by the next article (19); but although Alaskans have done a good job not sparking wildfires, with the vacation season in effect, an editorial reminds them that they need to keep up the good work (20). Ontario, Canada's, Ministry of Natural Resources reported multiple fires in the province (21); while fire crews in Labrador continued to grapple with a 60 km² wildfire outside of Wabush which forced 1,300 people to evacuate (22); employees of the Wabush Scully Mine among them (23); but thick smoke was hampering firefighting efforts (24). Wildfires continued to burn in Spain, Greece, and Turkey (25). And finally, quick-thinking firefighters in Surprise, Arizona, used a child's oxygen mask to revive a cockatoo near death!

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