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Friday, October 28, 2011


2011 has been a banner year for natural disasters, including wildfires, with President Obama issuing 89 declarations so far (1). A 15-acre wildfire blazed across northern San Diego County's Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (2); while a press release discusses how CAL FIRE aircraft mechanics are supported by private industry (3). In Oregon, Forest Grove Fire and Rescue firefighters have conducted controlled burns which were seen for miles around (4); but the largest wildfire in New Mexico's history is being blamed on Global Warming (5); while the arsonist who set a wildfire that burned 60 acres in Colorado's Pike National Forest has been arraigned (6). Although the number of Texas counties retaining burn bans has dropped, it still constitutes 220 out of 254 across the state (7); however, a 200-acre wildfire burning in North Dakota's Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge is now 15% contained (8). Illinois' Shawnee National Forest will be conducting controlled burns across 4,700 acres (9); while a Tennessee firebug is getting out of jail early after showing arson investigators a few tricks of the trade (10). A car fire sparked a 100-acre wildfire near Chilhowie, Virginia (11); but after burning for six months and costing over $50 million to suppress, Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge wildfire continues to creep along underground (12); while Florida Forest Service reported on its 11th worst year in regards to wildfires (13). Heading to Australia, there was a bit of the debate over the selection of a Neighbourhood Safer Place in Smythesdale, Victoria (14); however, the residents of Cockatoo have no such reservations about their top choice (15). Officials from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service are concerned about the abundance of fuel when bushfires crop up (16). And finally, the "flames" of a modern art wildfire exhibit in Lubbock, Texas, are made of some unique materials: crayons!

(1) Obama Has Declared Record-Breaking 89 Disasters So Far in 2011

(2) Ranchita Area Brush Fire Controlled at 15 Acres

(3) California Forestry Department Relies On Timken Know-How for Firefighting Helicopters

(4) Stimson Lumber controlled burn visible for miles around Forest Grove

(5) Scientists claim global warming made NM's fires worse

(6) Man charged with starting Beaver Creek Fire

(7) Fewer Counties Keeping Burn Bans in Place

(8) Firefighters make progress on Agassiz NWR wildfire

(9) Prescribed fires planned in Shawnee National Forest

(10) Arson inmate getting out early for cooperation

(11) Wildfire burns nearly 100 acres near Chilhowie, Va.

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(14) Residents bemused at Smythesdale bushfire safe place decision

(15) Bushfire centre tops wish list for Cockatoo kinder building

(16) After the floods, grassy plains fuel fears

(17) Giant Melting Crayon Sculptures Highlight Raging Wildfires, Record Heat in Texas

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