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Thursday, December 09, 2010


Summer's fires may lead to winter's floods in areas denuded by the wildfires in Northern Arizona (1); but Ohio's Wayne National Forest, which has been closed for several weeks due to an underground coal fire sparking wildfires, has been reopened (2). The next article provides an update on wildfire mitigation efforts in Bay County, Florida (3); followed by one in which Floridians are being warned about the dangers from wildfires as freezing temperatures descend on the state (4). After back-to-back successes fighting wildfires in Russia and Israel, Bulgaria plans to add firefighting aircraft to their wildland forces (5). In the aftermath of the devastating Israeli wildfires, relations with Turkey appear to be improving, though those with the Palestinian Authority apparently remain deadlocked (6); nevertheless, people in Israel are still shell-shocked by the destruction done (7); and Carmel Forest has been closed due to fear of falling trees and landslides (8); where officials are blaming Global Warming for the ferocity of their recent wildfires (9). Iran deployed military forces to help firefighters extinguish a wildfire burning in Semnan Province (10); and there was more news out of Ghana, Africa, where PRINFERB has formed a new volunteer fire squad in mountainous Matse-Dzokpe (11). China's Sichuan Grassland Fire Prevention Office, which oversees one of the largest pastoral regions in Asia, is exploring how technology can help them better fight wildfires in the future (12); but as flood season subsides and bushfire season begins, authorities in New South Wales, Australia, provide some helpful tips for rural dwellers who own livestock (13). And finally, students at Virginia Tech University have found an innovative new way to cut class: go fight a wildfire!

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