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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Pres. Obama's second inaugural address assertion that climate change was behind an increase in wildfire activity in the US comes into the crosshairs of another editorial (1). San Diego Fire-Rescue Department dispatched a helicopter to help battle a wildfire apparently sparked by a campfire at a homeless encampment at Buena Vista Lagoon in the Southern California community of Oceanside (2); while a wildfire expert from Arizona Game and Fish weighs in on the danger wildfires pose to that state (3). The impact of Colorado's wildfires on river rafting is examined by the next article (4). A controlled burn set by the Florida Forest Service in the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, along with three wildfires, produced smoky skies over St. Petersburg (5); while Nassau County has the dubious honor of being in second place for wildfire danger across the state (6). Following a year in which 3,750 square kilometers of timber was destroyed by wildfires, Alberta, Canada, is readying its forest fire-fighting force a month early this year (7); but a pair of helicopters assisted 2,000 firefighters on the ground battling a wildfire in southwest China's Yunnan Province (8). In India, Kerala's forest force chief will be deploying nimble new wildland firefighting equipment to handle blazes this summer (9); while firefighters in New Zealand spent the night keeping an eye on the remain is of a six-hectare bushfire which blazed in Waipoua Forest yesterday (10). Australia's Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is bolstering bushfire recovery by offering additional grants to communities impacted by bushfires (11). Windy conditions allowed Victoria's Aberfeldy bushfire to breach containment lines, threatening the towns of Glenfalloch and Wollangarra (12); but a reduction in winds today could help firefighters recover ahead of the weekend (13); the Shire of Strathbogie applying for $560,000 in relief funds to repair damage done by the recent Boho bushfire (14); even as 100 volunteers and $40,000 in donations allowed Blaze Aid to repair fencing lost in recent blazes (15); while researchers from the University of Melbourne used Black Saturday data to help refine their PHOENIX Rapidfire fire behavior model (16). A score of areas in New South Wales have been declared natural disaster areas, freeing up additional bushfire relief funds (17); an update on bushfire activity in Western Australia being provided by the next article (18). Video from USA Today shows bushfire activity in Tasmania (19); where a trio of bushfires are nearing containment (20); but a firefighting helicopter crashed in rugged terrain while fighting a bushfire near Molesworth (21); a cautionary tale showing that some are using bushfire losses for the purpose of scams (22). And finally, firefighters in Clearwater, Florida, are being credited with "quack" thinking in rescuing a family of ducks from a storm drain!

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