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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The author of four books on wildfires argues that a respectful memorial for the Granite Mountain Hotshots would be a national understanding about the risk of fighting fire in today's severe conditions (1); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mikel Robinson, Executive Directory of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an invitation to a 7/11/13 webinar which addresses how prescribed burn managers can better prioritize their burn schedules (2). The next article provides details on the "Memorial Ramp Ceremony" at Southern California's Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base for two wildland firefighters killed in a burnover in Arizona (3); while Heli-Expo announced housing registration for their 2014 show in Anaheim today (4); and San Bernardino County Fire took over forest fire-fighting duties in several mountain communities as they absorbed the Crest Forest Fire Protection District (5); fire crews bringing the Kyburz Fire burning in the Eldorado National Forest to 80% containment, allowing them to reopen Highway 50 to two-way traffic again (6); but Six Rivers National Forest implemented fire restrictions due to the wildfire danger (7). A 500-acre wildfire in Yakima County, Washington, has been attributed to a luminaria (8). The National Interagency Coordination Center indicated that Nevada's 25,733-acre Bison Fire has run up suppression costs of $4.4 million so far (9); US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowing to do everything he could to help firefighters battling a 40 mi.² wildfire burning in the Pine Nut Mountains (10); smoke from that fire continuing to loom over Las Vegas (11). The Shipman Fire is now 10% contained after burning 518 acres outside of Kearny, Arizona (12); while thousands of people attended the firefighter memorial in Prescott yesterday where Vice President Biden was among the speakers (13); people from as far away as Chicago, Illinois, honoring one of the fallen as his body arrives from Arizona (14); people in Winthrop Harbor remembering him as a young man who grew up there (15). A 30-acre wildfire was reported near Trinidad, Colorado (16); but at least seven incidents of criminals looting evacuated homes in El Paso County during the Black Forest Fire have been documented (17); the next item providing some personal survival stories from that blaze (18); a veterinarian reflecting on the horse rescue effort mounted in the wake of that wildfire (19); church volunteers doing what they can to help with ongoing cleanup efforts (20); but some are complaining that the El Paso County Citizen Service Center is too far away from fire-ravaged neighborhoods (21); the impact of the Black Forest Fire on the 65th annual Pikes Peak Range Ride being covered by the next item (22). A bulldozer operator apparently died of a heart attack while cutting line at Idaho's Pardee Fire (23); and officials in Utah's Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest voiced concern over the dry conditions that could stress vegetation, exacerbating the wildfire danger (24). In Texas, Possum Kingdom State Park was evacuated when a 600-acre wildfire in Stephens County threatened (25); even as FEMA announced the award of $48 million for wildfire suppression costs of blazes in 168 Texas counties in 2011 (26). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Jim Petersen, Founder of Montana-based Evergreen Foundation, reflects on the 19 wildland firefighters killed in Arizona earlier this month and the guilt borne by federal firefighting agencies in their deaths in the third installment of his Silver Bullet series of articles (27). The next article charts the progress of Pennsylvania firefighters battling wildfires in Alaska (28); where rain and cooler weather were helping quench a 130 sq mile wildfire outside of Fairbanks (29). A new study by a University of Alberta, Canada, researcher published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management forecasts that wildfires are expected to become far more severe over the next several decades (30). A 27,000-hectare wildfire continued to burn out of control in western Labrador and Quebec (31); even as owners of burnt-out cabins in Labrador's Blueberry Hill area surveyed the damage done (32). In Europe, wildfires have been reported in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey (33). A wildfire raced through forested areas in the African nation of Rwanda's Rutsiro District barely two weeks after another blaze destroyed 16 hectares in Nyamashake District (34); while the environmental dangers posed by Indonesia's annual wildfires is explored by the next article (35). And finally, Florida firefighters had to perform a tricky extrication: freeing a dog stuck for 5 miles between a car's axle and steering mechanism!

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