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Friday, April 16, 2010


The controversial ban on smoking in California's state parks (something that might cut down on wildfires) has made it to the governor's desk, our first wildfire-related story today (1); just as Washington state's wildfire season has officially begun (2). The Nevada Fire Safe Council will be meeting in Reno to discuss better means of protecting homeowners in that state (3); followed by an update on a pair of wildfires burning in southern Arizona (4). New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest will be conducting several controlled burns later this month (5); but the phrase 'speed kills' could be applied to an incident in Colorado in which two firefighters driving too fast through smoky conditions died when a bridge collapsed due to fire damage (6). Staying in Colorado, firefighters reportedly roped in a 40-acre wildfire that burned in the Pawnee National Grassland (7); and the dangers of lightning (particularly in regards to sparking wildfires) and how to avoid that hazard is provided in another article (8). Controlled burns on the outskirts of Great Falls, Montana, will reduce the wildfire risk to residential areas (9); and Wisconsin will be kicking off Wildfire Prevention Week next week (10). Even something as innocuous as grading can spark a wildfire, something underscored by an incident in Woods County, Wisconsin (11); while residents who lived through massive wildfires in that state 30 years ago reflect on the event as the fire danger remains high (12). A wildfire was reported yesterday in Minnesota's Itasca County (13); and firefighters in Ohio grappled with a wildfire in Tar Hollow State Park (14). Calhoun County, Alabama, will see some smoky skies today, but these burns are under the control of firefighters (15); however, state forest rangers in Maine are concerned about the fire danger throughout that state (16). Debate over the fate of fire towers in New York's Adirondack Mountains seems to be leaning towards keeping them (17). Parts of Maryland are experiencing high fire danger due to a cold front bringing some dry winds into the area (18); while residents are being cautioned against outdoor burning as conditions in parts of North Carolina are perfect for wildfires (19). Tinder dry conditions in Baker County, Florida, have prompted wildfire warnings to local residents (20); and a letter to the editor from a New Mexican who has relocated to Florida voices a warning about the wildfire danger as well (21). Having spent over $400 million to battle wildfires in British Columbia last year, the provincial government intends to get tough with illegal fire starters (22); this coming at a time when nearly a dozen small wildfires are burning in the Prince George area (23). Authorities are asking for the public's help in discovering who set gorse fires that burned near some homes in County Kerry, Ireland (24). As hearings continued before Australia Capital Territory's Supreme Court on compensation for survivors of the 2003 Canberra bushfires, a third insurance company has withdrawn from the litigation, dropping the number of plaintiffs from a high of 600 to only 100 left (25). With six weeks remaining for hearings before the Royal Bushfire Commission investigating the Black Saturday bushfires, several important voices have yet to be heard (26); but criticism over the conduct of Victoria's former Police Commissioner is now shifting to her conduct as head of the bushfire rebuilding committee (27). Political pressure is being brought to bear on government officials in regards to burning off vegetation in Victoria (28); while residents of Port Lincoln, South Australia, have been given permission to conduct more controlled burns due to the bushfire danger in that area (29). And finally, CSIRO scientists in New South Wales are conducting experiments to determine housing designs that will stand up better to bushfires (prompting one to wonder if they will be listening to the Talking Heads tune 'Burning Down The House' while they work?)

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