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Saturday, October 15, 2011


An article from Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dave Downey, a reporter for San Diego's North County Times, warns of the imminent arrival of Santa Ana winds to Southern California, with comments from another Wildfire NOTD subscriber, Jeff Bowman, former Chief of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (1); meanwhile, a wildfire outside of Raymondville has forced evacuations of homeowners (2); but the Mendocino National Forest will begin doing controlled burns now that the weather has improved (3). A report released Friday documented how Colorado's Fourmile Canyon Fire did most of its destruction in late 2010 (4); while a wildfire burned about 100 acres of timber outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma (5). In Texas, Heart of the Pines Volunteer Fire Department, many of whom's members lost homes in the Bastrop County wildfires, has seen its numbers dwindle as firefighters have had to take temporary housing outside of the area (6); but Oak Hill Wildfire Relief is helping a homeowner who lost her home in the wildfires rebuild (7); while one news station is doing its part to help a Magnolia family which was burned out by those fires (8); and specialists from several state and federal agencies met with wildfire survivors in Cass County today (9); but a lawsuit has been filed by homeowners in Randall County against power utility Xcel Energy in regards to a 1,222-acre wildfire which destroyed dozens of homes there (10); but there will be a hearing at 10 AM on 10/17 in Austin to discuss the federal response to the massive wildfires which scorched that state (11). The massive wildfire which has burned 92,682 acres in Minnesota's Superior National Forest is now 90% contained (12); while students participating in Missouri's Nixa Public Schools Firewise Program were getting the word out about how to reduce wildfires (13). As winds and temperatures increase in Jefferson County, Illinois, fire authorities are keeping an eye out for wildfires (14); and U.S. Forest Service unveiled a plan which calls for more timber harvesting and controlled burns in Virginia's George Washington National Forest (15). A photo from space shows extensive fires along Brazil's Rio Xingu River (16); while a dozen air-tankers grappled with a 1,730-acre wildfire burning near the Croatian town of Makarska Friday night (17). Heading to Australia, lightning strikes kindled numerous bushfires across Queensland (18); and joining the chorus of other Australian states, Fire and Emergency Services Authority officials advised Western Australians to be prepared for a very bad bushfire season (19); the Emergency Services Minister warning that 80% of that state is at risk from bushfires this year (20). And finally, Connecticut's Shaker Pines Fire Department is scaring up some money for worthy causes with their "Terror in the Pines" haunted forest!

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(21) Firefighters Orchestrate "Terror In The Pines"

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