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Monday, October 06, 2008


Leading off the news today, something with echoes of The Water Cache Project: cameras in wildfire areas helping forestry officials to keep an eye on the area remotely. Staying with technology, a newly-unveiled fire extinguisher is raising a few eyebrows in the firefighting world (something that could be adapted to wildland use?) Two stories on fires in the Los Padres National Forest appear next, followed by one from Pennsylvania, where fire authorities are trying to transition to fire use wildfires. Lest we in California think we're alone in having a fall fire season, an article out of Ohio warns residents there about the fire danger, and the wildfire in Kentucky continues to burn, although it is now contained. In another example of retailers seeing the benefit of supporting ecological projects, Plow & Hearth is helping to restore burn areas, including parts of the San Bernardino National Forest. An article from San Diego charges SDG&E with throwing a temper tantrum over lawsuits due to fires caused by their power lines. Two articles from the Eureka Reporter discuss the dangers left behind by wildfires: damage to water sources and treacherous footing in burn areas. Next up, a costs-benefits analysis of wildfires. Switching overseas, the European Union is urging members to file paperwork with them in regards to facilitating international cooperation (and funds) in fighting wildfires in Europe, and Greeks still lament their losses in last summer's wildfires that destroyed over half the forests in the southern part of the country. Vietnam announces that they've had a better-than-expected fire season, while Australians, especially in WA, brace for a worse-than-usual bushfire season. As if to underscore the warning, a fire that has been burning in Queensland may worsen when 30 knot winds arrive later today. Two stories from the bizarre finish the news today: the first from Sweden, where another case of unrequited love started a wildfire (a la Terry Barton of USFS, who started the Hayman Fire by torching a letter from her estranged husband, resulting in the worst wildfire in Colorado history); the second from Australia, where a group of drunken bikers laid into firefighters just trying to do their jobs.

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